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Maine Jewish Businesses - in alphabetical order

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DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
Name of Business Location Years Known to Operate (Year Ended) Sector
210 State St Bangor 1949
A Brown 35 Spring St Brewer 1955 junk
Allan Lewis Bangor 2012 - to date (2014)
Allen Drug Co. NotKnown 1949 retail drug store
Allen Fairmount Pharmacy Bangor 1949 pharmacy
Bangor Drive-In Theatre Bangor theater
Bangor Kosher Meat Market 3 Essex St Bangor 1955 prime meats and poultry
Bangor Rye Bread Bangor bakery
Bangor Shoe Store 29 Mercantile Sq Bangor 1955 shoe
Ben Braveman Tire Shop Bangor 1949 retail tire
Benny's Bangor 1949
Bon Win Beverage Bangor 1949 beverage
Boston Shoe Store Bangor 1955 shoe
Boston Store, Bangor 1960
Brass Rail Restaurant 202 Exchange St Bangor 1955 restaurant
Burdell's Inc Bangor 1949
Byer Mfg. Co Bangor or Old Town
Carroll Cut Rate Bangor 1960 retail pharamacy
clothing business on Kenduskeag Bridge, Bangor Bangor 1886 clothing
Cortell-Segal Bangor
Crown Jewelers 13 Main St Bangor 1955 retail jewelry
Crystal Spring Water Corp Bangor 1949 water bottling
Dodge Clothing Bangor 1949
Eastern Furniture Company Bangor furniture
Economy Meat Market Bangor 1949 retail meats
Edward I Morris Bangor 1949
Emple Knitting Mills Bangor clothing manufacturing
Family Podiatry of Maine Bangor medicine
Friedman Furniture Co 154 Exchange St Bangor 1955-1965 retail furntirue
Gotlieb & Rolnick Hancock St Bangor 1949 meat market
Green Point Slaughter House Bangor 1949 meat
Greens Novelty Store Bangor 1949
H Goodman & Sons Bangor 1923 shoe makers
H Tabenken & Co Inc Bangor 1955
Harold's NotKnown 1949
Harry's Café NotKnown 1949 café
Henry Segal Bangor
Home Radio and Furniture Co 40 Broad St Bangor 1955 radios and furniture
Interstate Home Equipment Co. NotKnown 1949
Kagan's Store NotKnown 1949
Lavbott (?) Bakery Bangor 1949 bakery
Levine's Store NotKnown 1949
Lieberman & Rich Bangor 1923
Lown & Kagan Shoe co Bangor shoe manufacturing
Lufkins Bangor 1949
Manhattan Jewelers Bangor jewelry
Meat Market Hancock Street Bangor meat and foods
Medwed Footwear Bangor 1949 manufacturing shoes
Morris Tabenken & Co. Bangor 1949
New York Syndicate Store Bangor
O. Rolnick & Son Bangor 1949
Paramount Restaurant Bangor 1949 restaurant
Penobscot Auto Parts NotKnown 1949 retail auto supplies
Penobscot Beef and Provision Company Bangor wholesale meat and foods
Penobscot Motor Express 212 Garland Bangor transport
Penobscot Salvage Co 190 Washington Bangor 1955 junk
Philco Shoe Corp Bangor 1949 shoe
Pilgrim Shoe Co. Bangor 1997 shoe manufacturing
Pilot & Pilot Bangor 1955 law firm
Purest (?) Drug Bangor 1949 drug store
Rubin Brothers Bangor 1923
Rudman and Winchell Harlow St Bangor law firm
Salco Variety Store Bangor 1949 variety
Sasome Bangor Jewish summer camp - Co-ed
Sawyer Management Services Bangor management services
Sklars Meat Market Bangor retail meat
Standard Electric Bangor electrical services
Standard Shoe Company 48 Main Bangor "Maines largest shoe company"
Star Beef Bangor 1949 beef
Striar's Jewelry Store Bangor jewelry
Tabenken Bros Bangor
The Maine Coat Town Bangor
United Beef Company Bangor wholesale meat
Viner Shoe Company Bangor shoe manufacturing
White Front Store Bangor small grocery store
___? Barber Co. Bangor 1949 barber

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