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I\''positive that Paul Emple is the boy next to the womin in the dark blouse. His sister, Helen Emple, is the girl-second from the right. (from Debbie Rudman Cohen)
Deborah Rudman Cohen
Helens middle name is Libby, her residence in 1960 was 88 Leighton st bangor me.
janet mcgourty
mollie and joe spoke Yiddish
janet mcgourty
Cohen-Emple Seder in Bangor 1947 or 1948

private collection

thanks to Priscilla Grossman Williams and Cindy Potter Taylor for the image
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seated left side of table left to right :   Peg Emple   #1   Priscilla (Grossman) Williams   #2   Phil Grossman   #3   Barbara (Viner) Levine   #4   Janette (Cohen) Grossman   #5

standing left to right :   Bill Viner ;   #1   Mollie Cohen Emple ;   #2   Joe Emple ;   #3

seated at the head of the table :   Bernard Cohen   ;

seated right side left to right :   Paul Emple   #1 ;   Pat (Esther Cohen) Viner   #2 ;   Tom Viner   #3 ;   Helen Emple   #4 ;   Cathy Viner   #5 ;

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