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Phyllis Graber Jensen, The Jewish Merchants of Lewiston's Lisbon Street 2011

Colby 2011 Conference - on-line

Click here to see a pdf of the Jewish Merchants in Lewiston

thanks to David M. Freidenreich and Phyllis Graber Jensen for the article
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:   Ben Abromson     Natalie Abromson     John Abromson     Judy Abromson     Louis Abromson     Michael Abromson     Meyer Cantor     George Ehrenfried     Meyer Fogelman   ;   Ira Goldman     Oscar Goldman     Joseph Goodkowsky     Isaac Greenburg   ;   Joseph Greenburg   ;   Nathan Greenburg   ;   Harris Isaacson     Jutka Isaacson     Jacob Kabatchnik     Miah Levinson     Philip Lown     Arthur S. Melche     David Merson     Samuel Minsky     Abraham Plavin     Leonard Plavin     Leonard Plavin     Manny Plavin     Manuel Plavin     Simon Segal   ;   Adele Brody Silverman   ;   Ernest Silverman     Morris Silverman     Marilyn Isaacson Simonds     Jack Spitzer     Maurice Supovitz     Celia Supovitz     Sol Supovitz     Larry Ward     Samuel Wise  

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  Lewiston Hardware ;   Brownstein's Clothing Store ;   Ward Brothers ;   Boston Shoe Store ;   Sanitary Market ;   Louie's ;   Five and Dime ;   New England Furniture ;   Style Clothing ;   Day's Jewelry and Appliance Store ;   Star Millinery ;   Barnstone-Osgood Jewelry Store ;   Miller's ;   Gordon's Hobby House ;   Tarr's Market ;   Cut Price Market ;   Food Town ;   Carroll Cut Rate ;

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