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Hebrew Ladies Society Dues and Bylaws, Beth Israel 1920

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Click here to see a pdf of the Hebrew Ladies Society bylaws

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  L (Mrs) Abramson     L (Mrs) Abramson     A (Mrs) Arick     A (Mrs) Arick     H (Mrs) Arenstam     A (Mrs) Bloom     A (Mrs) Bloom     H Brown     Morris (Mrs) Cohen     J (Mrs) Davis     S (Mrs) Dorfman     H (Mrs) Fine     B (Mrs) Gediman     P Gold     P (Mrs Gold     M (Mrs) Goldstein   ;   I (Mrs) Gordon   ;   S (Mrs) Gordon   ;   S (Mrs) Green   ;   S (Mrs) Greenblatt     A Harris     H A (Mrs) Isaacson   ;   M (Mrs) Kutz     S (Mrs) Levin     H Mack     H Mack     Joseph (Mrs) Mack     S (Mrs) Mack     S (Mrs) Mack     Abraham (Mrs) Miller     H Persky     N (Mrs) Petlook     M S (Mrs) Povich     N (Mrs) Povich     S (Mrs) Povich     D (Mrs) Rosen   ;   D (Mrs) Rosen   ;   H L (Mrs) Savage     S (Mrs) Shainbau   ;   M (Mrs) Singer   ;   L (Mrs) Small     S (Mrs) Smith   ;   J (Mrs) Solovich     M Weinblatt  

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