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Meeting Minutes of Hebrew Ladies Aid Society 1927-1929

Beth Israel, Bath

Click here to see a pdf of the Hebrew Ladies Aid Society 1927

thanks to Fred and Marilyn Weinberg for the article
  Mrs Brown     David (Mrs) Cogan     Morris (Mrs) Cohen     Mrs Davis     Arthur (Mrs) Gediman     Henry Gediman     B (Mrs) Gediman     Mrs Green   ;   Mrs N Greenblatt   ;   Sidney Jacobs     Max (Mrs) Kutz     Sam (Mrs) Levin     [Mr first name not known] Michelsky     Charles (Mrs) Miller   ;   Kenneth (Mrs) Miller   ;   A (Mrs) Miller   ;   Mrs Peerlin     N (Mrs) Petlock     Morris (Mrs) Povich     Morris S Povich     Nathan (Mrs) Povich     Sam (Mrs) Povich     D (Mrs) Rosen   ;   Abraham Simonovitz   ;   Isadore (Mrs) Singer     Mrs J Solovich  

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