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To the right of David Finkelstein is his sister Joyce Finkelstein in front of Harvey Prawer.
Sincerely, Joyce Finkelstein Pulaski
Joyce Finkelstein Pulaski
Donna Petlock - first birthday 1946

private collection

thanks to Donna Petlock Rubin and Fred Weinberg for the image
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Left to right :   Joanne Levine     Stephen Singer     Donna Petlock     Ann Cohen   behind Donna   Janet Cohen   behind Donna   Press daughters   similar dresses ;   Adele Rubin     Anne Singer   behind Marlene   Marlene Prawer     Nathan Cogan   to Anne's right facing   Harvey Cohen   to Anne's right facing ;

:   David Finkelstein ;   seated   Joyce Finkelstein ;   to the right of David and in front of Harvey Prawer

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