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You need to correct this. Back row Counselor, Annabelle Jacobs, Cindy Potter, Sarah Wolfowicz.
Front row, Barbara Brenner, Barbara Appel, Myra Gershenson, Mona Loeb.
Cindy Potter Taylor
CDC Girls' Camp Group Photo III n.d.

Jewish Community Alliance - Photo Archive

thanks to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine and Ani Helmick for the image
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back row left to right :   to be identified   counselor ;   Annabel Jacobs   #2   Cindy Potter Taylor   #3   Barb Brenner   #4

front row left to right :   Sara Wolfowicz ;   #1   Barbara Appel ;   #2   Myra Gershenson (sp ?) ;   #3   Mona Loeb ;   #4   Beverly Loeb ;   right

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  Center Day Camp ;

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