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Back row: 5th from right is Lenny Berman
Front Row:1st on Left, Peter Cohen; 2nd on Left,Richard Mestetsky; 3rd: Unknown; 4th from Left: Elliot Sprince; 5th: Unknown
Charlotte Shulman Siegel
Front left is Peter Cohen and fourth from the front left is Eliot Sprince
Cindy Potter Taylor
Back row: right end is Jimmy Silverman, then Barry Zimmerman, Eric Sacknoff, then Jimmy Burns.
ed schultz
CDC Boys' Camp Group Photo V n.d.

Jewish Community Alliance - Photo Archive

thanks to Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine and Ani Helmick for the image
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back row :   Jimmy Burns   4th from right   Eric Sacknoff   3rd from right   Barry Zimmerman   2nd from right   Jimmy Silverman   far right

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