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Alumni Levey Day School (Portland)

This year Levey Day School in Portland is celebrating it's 60th anniversary. Levey is trying to identify any and all alumni, teachers, and board members from the school over its 60 year history. Founded in 1952 as an Orthodox day school, Levey has gone through many changes over the years. It has been housed for a time at each of Portland's synagogues, and has at different times taught students from kindergarten through 8th grade. Today, Levey welcomes a diverse student body from Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, and unaffiliated families in grades k-5, and offers students small classes, exceptional teachers, foreign language immersion, moral and spiritual development, and an exciting secular curriculum that encourages creativity and a love of learning.

If you are a Levey alum, or know a Levey alum, please let us know. Please take a look at our list of known alumni and help us fill in the blanks, which are many. Please share this link with anyone who might be able to help identify other Levey alumni. Heidi Farber (207-871-7270 / HeidiMHEC at at the Levey Day School is looking for the names, year graduated or attended, contact information (email, phone, address and/or Facebook name ). DMJ will post the updated list of names and years on the website to keep all of Levey Alumni informed.

Levey will be holding a celebration on Sunday May 5th to celebrate our 60 years of Jewish day school education in Maine, and would like to be able to invite as many alumni as possible to attend. If you would like more information about Levey Day School or Levey's 60th anniversary event, please email or call 207-774-7676.

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Collection data on the Alumni of the Levey Hebrew Day School is being coordinated by Heidi Farber (207-871-7270 / HeidiMHEC at of the Day School

FirstMiddleLastRoleYears at Levey
Paul Abrahamson 1954-1958
Halley Applebaumstudent 
Taylor Applebaumstudent 
Carly Applebaumstudent 
David Aronstudent 
Sylvia Aronstudent 
Rabbi Bekritskyteacher 
Bruce Bekritsky 1952-1958
Gary Berensonstudent 
Gail Berensonstudent 
Gary Berensonstudent 
David and Anne Bergmanparents 
Joy Berkritskystudent 
David Boxsteinstudent 
Gerald Boxsteinboard president1959-1960
David Brenermanstudent 
David Brennemanstudent 
Bradley Colestudent 
Steven Copestudent 
Andrew Copestudent 
Camille Davidsonteacher 
Andrew Deschambaultstudent 
Mrs Dresserteacher1955
Joseph Fieldstudent 
Robert Finn 1955-1959
Morris Forscostudent1955-1959
Harold Forskostudent 
Andrea Freedmanstudent1959
Donna Gellerstudent1958-1962
Donna Gellerstudent1958-1962
SandyBerekoffGerbersubstitute teacher 
Angela Giggeystudent1987-1991
Sherry Ginsburgstudent1955-1959
Jay Ginsburgstudent 
Carl Ginsburgstudent 
Debbie Ginsburgstudent 
Sherry Ginsburgstudent 
Sybil Goldbergstudent 
Faye Goldbergstudent 
Joe Goldsteinstudent 
Joe Greenbergexecutive director-2002
Paula Harrisparent198?
Stacey and Marc Herwitzparent 
Marla Jaffestudent 
Beth Jonesformer teacher2002
Debbie Kanterteacher 
Jim Keasxteacher1971-1975 request info
Maxine Kessler 1955-1959
Kenneth Kremsstudent 
Harry Krigmanparent 
Susan Laskoffstudent 
Sima Lerman 1955-1959
Alan Lermanstudent 
Robert Levinestudent1955-1959
Alan Louriestudent 
Michelle Louriestudent 
Phil and Jeannette Lourieparent 
Jack Markusestudent 
Merav Minkinstudent198?
Nadav Minkinstudent198?
Tali Minkinstudent198?
Rafi and Anita Minkinparent198?
Alan Modesstudent 
Dan Modesstudent 
Ruthann Packetstudent1955
Greg Rogovinteacher2002
Richard Romanowstudent 
Samuel Rosenthalstudent 
Paul Schatzstudent 
Adele Schwartz 1955-1959
Lynne Shapirostudent 
Susan Shapirostudent 
Steven Shapirostudent 
Arlene Shatzstudent1958-1962
Kari Sherstudent198?
Adina Shifferstudent198?
Harold Shwedel 1926-1930
Roz Siegelstudent 
Sharon Silver 1963-1967
Marvin Silverstudent 
Jeremy Singerstudent 
Beth Singerstudent 
Josephine Singerstudent 
Andrew B. "fat andy" Walshparent 
? (boy) Waxlerstudent198?
? (boy) Waxlerstudent 
Karen and Larry Waxlerparent 
Mr Weissteacher1955
Leslie Wilhelmteacher 
Karen Wolfestudent1959
Alan Woolfstudent1956-1962
Stephen Youngstudent 
Michael Youngstudent 
Jackie Youngstudent 
Debra Zulofskystudent 

Methodological note :

This data is being collected from historical documents, direct interviews and internet surveys.

Additional names and information can be sent to Karl Shatz c/o dmj at

Last Updated : Jan 10, 2013