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Maine Jewish Businesses - in alphabetical order

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so, what is the definition of a Jewish business ?
DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
Name of Business Location Years Known to Operate (Year Ended) Sector
Carr's Transportation Service Rockland 1987 transport edit
Cut Price Shoe Shop Rockland 1987 retail shoes edit
Dane Credit Co Rockland 1987 edit
Fruit and Confectionary Store Rockland 1987 retail food edit
Green's Confectionery Store Rockland sweets ok edit
Grossman-Faber Law Firm Rockland 1987 lawyers edit
Hillcrest Hatchery Crop Rockland 1954 - 1961 edit
Rockland Poultry Co Rockland chickens edit
Strand Theater (Rockland) Rockland 1987 theater edit
Thorndike Hotel Rockland 1997 hotel edit

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