J C C (Portland) Young Dance Group - 1952 c
thanks to Harvey Elowitch for the image

Jewish Community Center (Portland) Dance Group circa 1952

first row :

Unknown first on left, Fran Schatz Jacobson second from left, Fraya Fineberg third from left, Lorna Modes fourth from left, and Unknown far right

second row :

Maxine Nathanson first on left, Baila Issokson second from left, Unknown third from left, and Unknown far right

third row :

Barry Potter first on left, Harvey Elowitch second from left, Stuart Potter third from left, Teddy Cutler fourth from left, Robert Elowitch third from right, Linwood Fleisher (sp) second from right, and Stanley Elowitch far right

contributors of names : Harvey Elowitch / Annette Elowitch / Cindy Potter Taylor / Elaine Crasnick Kahaner

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