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years shown are ones which the person was known
to be engaged in that industry

Occupational titles are as provided by the source; odd sounding titles are most likely those recorded by census takers

Aroostook County
Samuel "Sam" Etscovitz   1930   1930 US Federal Census - Aroostook
        salesman garage Max ETSCOVITZ 1930    1930 US Federal Census - Aroostook
Abraham "Abe' Etscovitz   1930   1930 US Federal Census - Aroostook
        Research Chemical Engineer
Stephen Jaffe  Mobil Oil R&D 1968-2005   Stephen Jaffe (2015)
Greater Augusta
        owner & operator
Charles Shuman  Charlies Motors, Augusta   Teri Berenson
Greater Bangor
        automobile business
Jacob "Jack" Rapaport z"l   1930   HainesMarriageRecords
        Co-Owner Bluestein Auto Parts Max Bluestein z"l 1950\'s    Michael Savitt (2016)
        garage Louis Silver 1934    HainesMarriageRecords
        owner Jack Rapoport Rapaport Lincoln-Mercury 2012    Bangor: Our Jewish Downtown
Irwin Singer  Maine Trailer Leasing 2012   Bangor: Our Jewish Downtown
        proprietor Of filling station Gordon Striar z"l 1935    HainesMarriageRecords
        title not known Benjamin Braveman Ben Braveman Tire Shop 1949 Other Data : 55 Parkview (?) Ave, Bangor - Braveman's Tire Shop   B'nai B'rith Membership Record of Benjamin Braveman
        work at Abraham I "Abe" Braveman z"l Ben Braveman Tire Shop 1949 lived at 72 Madison St., Pine St - Ben Braveman Tire Shop: 67 Pine St   B'nai B'rith Membership Record of Abe I Braveman
Greater Biddeford
Irving / Israel Saperia z"l  Superior Auto Parts, Inc. 1948-1964 Co-owned by Myer and Eli Saperia, brothers  Phillip A Saperia (2016)
Al / Eli Saperia  Superior Auto Parts, Inc. pre-WWII to 1964   Phillip Saperia (2017)
        mechanic - garage Reuben Sneider z"l 1930    1930FedCensusBiddeford
Greater Portland
        Car Dealer
Lewis Bernstein z"l   1918-1974   Daniel Shapiro (2013)
        Founder Joseph D Silverman z"l Century Tire Company until 1976    Sherri Quint (2018)
        gas and oil service station Aaron Diamon z"l 1930    1930PortlandCityDirectory
        not classified yet Ellis Elbum Waterman z"l State Motor Company, ME 1938 Father of Arthur Waterman   State Motor Co. vehicles, Portland, ca. 1938
Belle S Wolf z"l  State Motor Company, ME 1938 Mother of Arthur Waterman  State Motor Co. vehicles, Portland, ca. 1938
        owner Abraham Kaplan z"l Greyhound Bus 2011    Glenyce Miller Kaplan interview by David Freidenreich
Arthur M Waterman z"l  State Motor Company, ME   Minerva/MaineHistorical Society
        Prop Morris A Baker z"l Oakdale Auto Co 1955    1955 Zelch
        tires Barney Kaplan z"l 1930    1930PortlandCityDirectory
        Truck Driver Jacob Katman 1920    1920-Federal Census
        truck driver dye house Abraham B / A B Levine z"l 1930    1930LewistonCensus
Greater Rockland
Harry Carr z"l  Adas Yoshuron Synagogue 1987   Adas Yoshuron 75th Anniversary Commemorative book, part 1
        Used Automotive Dealer Benjamin Miller z"l 1930    1930 US Fed Census Rockland
Lewiston Auburn area
        auto dealer
Samuel 'Sam' Shapiro z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Hermin Erwin / Hyman Shapiro z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
        Auto Parts Moses L "Moe" Friedman z"l 1936    1936 Abromson
Samuel H 'Sam' Lelansky z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Harold Maurice Miller z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
        automobile salesman Benjamin "Bunny" Bornstein z"l 1930    Robert Buzz Rosenberg family tree 2008
George Olum z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
        Automobile Salesman ??? Frank Tarr z"l 1955    1955 Zelch
        clerk - automobile store LOUIS R Miller 1920    1920USFedCensus
        Co-Manager Maurice H / Morris Margolin z"l Union Sq Travel 1955    1955 Zelch
        Gas Station Harry Day z"l 1936    1936 Abromson
        General Manager Shepard N "Shep" Lee z"l Advance Auto 1955    1955 Zelch
        General Manager and VP Harold M Miller z"l Twin City Tire Co    news articles
        Manger ABRAHAM H "Abe" MOGUL z"l Union Sq Taxi Co 1955    1955 Zelch
        not classified yet Isadore D. Wiener z"l Wiener's Parlor Bus Co 1935    Wiener's Parlor Bus, Auburn
        Owner - Tire Store Harold Maurice Miller z"l 1955    1955 Zelch
        owner / operator Philip Flock z"l Flock Buick Co    Ruth Flock Glazerman
        owner of Hyman Isaac Bell z"l Bell Tire Company 1936    Images of America Lewiston and Auburn
        owner/manager Shepard N "Shep" Lee z"l Advance Auto 1980s-2000s    Harris Gleckman (2013)
        owner/operator Isadore "Izzy" Weiner I D Weiner Parlor Bus 1950s-1960s    Morris Silverman, 2014 DMJ Presentation at Temple Shalom
        Pres Jacob "Jack" Berman Harding Auto Sales 1955    1955 Zelch
        President Joseph Lifshitz z"l Advance Auto 1955    1955 Zelch
        President James S Miller z"l Twin City Tire Co 1955    1955 Zelch
        President James S Miller z"l Twin City Tire Co 1958    newspaper articles
        proprietor Philip Flock z"l Bisbee Motors 1955    1955 Zelch
Jack J Martel z"l  First National Tire Co 1955   1955 Zelch
        retail auto accessory Hyman Isaac Bell z"l 1930    1930LewistonCensus
        salesman automobiles Joseph Lifshitz z"l 1930    1930LewistonCensus
        taxi driver Samuel Valensky z"l 1955    1955 Zelch
Joseph  Winner z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
        Tire Dealer James S Miller z"l 1936    1936 Abromson
        Transportation Business Israel  Winner z"l 1955    1955 Zelch
        Treasurer Abraham 'Abe Yud' Zack 1955    1955 Zelch
        truck driver - furniture Benjamin Levin 1920    1920USFedCensus
        salesman, automobile - wage
Nathan Israelson   1930   1930 US Federal Census
        Wagon driver
Abraham Cohen   1910   1910 US Fed Census - Rumford
state-wide Maine
        cab owner and driver
Norman J Bernstein z"l     Madeleine Segal - Apr 2005
        Truck Driver Abraham Green z"l   
        title not known
Alfred Todtman  Penobscot Auto Parts 1949 Other Data : Garland St - Penobscot Auto Parts auto salesman  B'nai B'rith Membership Record of Alfred Todtman
New York
        auto instructor
Edward I Meltzer   1938   HainesMarriageRecords
Bert Space z"l   1930   Robert Buzz Rosenberg family tree 2008

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