Health Care Professions
in the Documenting Maine Jewry database

years shown are ones which the person was known
to be engaged in that industry

Occupational titles are as provided by the source; odd sounding titles are most likely those recorded by census takers

Gerald Cogan     NathanCoganBathHistory
        Hospital administration Carol Koranda in Portland, OR   NathanCoganBathHistory
        optometrist Benjamin Zimmerman z"l    NathanCoganBathHistory
        Physician Jacob "Jake" Smith z"l    Suzanne Nusbaum (2015)
        Speech/language pathologist Nancy Greenblatt Easton a Public Schools (MA), Portland Public Schools, (ME)    Nancy Greenblatt (2017)
Harry Abelon z"l   1940 - 1987   Sherri Quint (2018)
Cumberland County
(excluding Greater Portland)
        registered nurse
Patricia Ann Weiner z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
Greater Augusta
T M Kline  Togus Hospital 1913/1914   AugustaRegisters1913/1914
Greater Augusta
Julius Ciembronowicz z"l   Neurosurgeon
Greater Bangor
        Chief of Medicine
Lawrence Mark Cutler  Eastern Maine General Hospital 1997   Cutler family biography in Risen, Jewels of Maine
        Dentist Jeffrey C Hoos    Jeffrey Hoos
Howard L Kominsky z"l     DavidRosen-AdvocateWeddingIndex
Dr Leo Stollar  Municipal Bldg Dental Clinic 1949 Other Data : 261 efferson St, Bangor - Municipal Bldg Dental Clinic dentist  B'nai B'rith Membership Record of Dr Leo Stollar
        Optometrist Herbert C or G Emple z"l    Judy Gatchell (2017)
        Owner-drug store Edward L Allen z"l Allen Drug Co.    Edward Allen's obituary
Michael Allen  Allen Drug Co. 2012   Bangor: Our Jewish Downtown
Arnold Garson  Liggett-Rexall Pharmacy   Bangor: Our Jewish Downtown
        Pediatrician Eugene E Brown z"l    Obituary
Ronald Striar  Partnership - Ben Shapero and Paul Shapero   Ruthanne Singal (2013) / Paul Shapero (June 2018)
        pharmacist Merrill Robert Allen Allen Fairmount Pharmacy 1949 Other Data : 122 Grant St, Bangor   B'nai B'rith Membership Record of Merrill Robert Allen
Maurice Alpert z"l   1936   HainesMarriageRecords
Herbert Trager z"l  Post Office Pharmacy 1949 Other Data : 92 Forest Ave, Bangor - Post Office Pharmacy pharmacist  B'nai B'rith Membership Record of Herbert Trager
        Physician Stephen Morris Alpert    Beth Israel100
Helen Krause z"l   otolaryngologist  Pittsburh obituary
Hans Shurman z"l     see photo
Edward Stern z"l     BethIsrael50
        staff of Eugene E Brown z"l Eastern Maine General Hospital 1956 father of Arlon Brown   Dr. Eugene E Brown at State Cardiac Clinic at Eastern Maine General Hospital
        title not known Max Baer Bennett Allen Drug Co. 1949 Other Data : 20 Westland Dr, Bangor - Allen Drug Co. general manager   B'nai B'rith Membership Record of Max Baer Bennett
Lawrence Mark Cutler  Eastern Maine General Hospital 2012 first Jew appointed to staff of  Eliot Cutler to speak in Rockland about growing up Jewish in Maine
Fae Ray  Eastport Health Center 1981   Groundbreaking for Eastport Health Center
Helen Weatherbee  Eastern Maine General Hospital 1956 probably not Jewish  Dr. Eugene E Brown at State Cardiac Clinic at Eastern Maine General Hospital
Greater Biddeford
Sheldon Paul Frankel z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert
        Pediatrician Carl M Haas z"l    Jennie Aranovitch
        pharmacist Arthur Simensky z"l    ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
        Physician Maurice Ross z"l    Jennie Aranovitch
Greater Portland
Norman Wilson  Maine Medical Center   Harris Gleckman (2014)
        Chief of Medicine Albert Aranson z"l Maine Medical Center    H Gleckman (2012)
        Dentist Cyrus K Briggs z"l 1916 first Jewish dentists   Ben Band
Cyrus K Briggs z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
B James Cohen z"l   1930   1930Portland City Directories
B James Cohen z"l   1950   1950 Portland City Directories
Annette Goldberg z"l   1916 first Jewish dentists  Ben Band
George Goldberg   1925   Ben Band
Annette Goldberg z"l   1927   Ben Band
George Goldberg   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Solomon Golodetz   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Louise M Lourie z"l     Janice (Pachowsky) Carpenter
Henry Pollard z"l     Harris Gleckman
        Internal medicine and cardiology Albert Aranson z"l    H Gleckman (2012)
        Nurse Pearl Gerber z"l    Stephanie Gerber Stern
Esther Kantor z"l     ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
        OB/Gyn Mark Stuart Levine    Mark Levine (2016)
        optometrist Samuel Fineberg    Charles Brand
Morris L Fireman   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Daniel I "Danny" Kornetsky z"l     MtSinaiCem-CardIndex
        Oral Surgeon Lester M Silverman z"l    Buffy Silverman (2015)
        Owner-drug store Maurice Minkin z"l Health Drug    Bruce Bekritsky
David / Hiram D Weisman/Wiseman   1920   1920-Federal Census
        pharmacist Milford S Fink 1930    1930PortlandCityDirectory
Oscar Horwich z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Abraham Lamper z"l   1930 also sub-post office  1930PortlandCityDirectory
Morris Wolf   1906 c   
        pharmacy asst. Marianne Levinsky z"l worked many yrs as pharm. Asst.   ChervaKaddishaNov2007-DeathCert&Obit
        Physician Mark Aranson    H Gleckman (2012)
Robert "Bobby" Aranson     H Gleckman (2012)
Elias Caplan   1930   Ben Band
Edith Caplan   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Gisela Davidson z"l     Jessica Lantos (2018)
David Davidson z"l   1959   MtSinaiCem-CardIndex
William Deixel   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory / Ben Band
Jacob Melnick z"l     Ben Band
William R Needleman z"l     headstone
Joseph R Uroalf   1916   Workman Circle - Arbriter Ring - Portland1917-1921records pg 127
        Psychologist Cary Mack United States Justice Department    Cary Mack (2016)
        Record Room Secretary Ruth Berman z"l Maine Medical Center    Tom Berman (2017)
        Respiratory Therapist David Kissin Maine Medical Center    Benjamin Kissin (2017)
Greater Waterville
E. Hyman Paikowsky   1930   1930USFederalMECensus, pg 1B
        optometrist Phillip Russakoff z"l 1947 - 1994    Dale Russakoff
        title not known Dorothy Adair "Bibby" Alfond z"l Thayer Hospital 2010 member, Women's Auxiliary   Marcia Beckerman interview
Lewiston Auburn area
        appoint to staff
Julius H Gottlieb z"l  Central Maine General Hospital 1977 expanded Pathology Department  Lewiston Maine Jewish community - a People in Transition
        appointed member Henry Sprince z"l Lewiston City Health Office 1930    Story of the Jews in Lewiston and Auburn
        appointed to staff Henry Sprince z"l Central Maine General Hospital 1977    Lewiston Maine Jewish community - a People in Transition
        Cardiologist Bernard Lown 1985    Maines Jewish Heritage Book
        Dentist Myers / Myer Brownstone z"l    David Goodwin
Myers / Myer Brownstone z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
Myers / Myer Brownstone z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Myers / Myer Brownstone z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Myer M Halperin z"l     Robert Buzz Rosenberg family tree 2008
Myer M Halperin z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Myer M Halperin z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Bernard Ralph Marcus z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Lester Miller z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
        Foot speciality Henry I Platz z"l 1936    1936 Abromson
        Nurse Evelyn Miller 1936    1936 Abromson
Sylvia Semer   1955   1955 Zelch
        optometrist Samuel E Alperen z"l 1955    1955 Zelch
Arthur Werner z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
        Physician Hillel Entin    Jeffrey S Entin (2017)
Morris Eli Goldman z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Morris Eli Goldman z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Julius H Gottlieb z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
Edward Leslie Reeves z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Helene M Reeves z"l   1955   1955 Zelch
Henry Sprince z"l   1936   1936 Abromson
        physician hospital Julius H Gottlieb z"l 1930    1930LewistonCensus
        Psychology counselor Jonathan Alan Berent 2011 c Berent Associates :   Nancy Levinsky
        Surgeon Albert EHRENFRIED Beth Israel Hospital    Am Jewish Archives short bio
Henry Sprince z"l   1930   1930LewistonCensus
        trained nurse - hospital Ester E / Esta O Levin 1930    1930USFedCensus
Lincoln County
Judith Weisman   1980-present   Judith Weisman (2013)
York County
(excluding Greater Biddeford, OOB, and Sanford-Springvale)
Alvin Aaron z"l   1985   Dan Steeby (2013)
Michael Grodin   Professor Bioethics, Human Rights, Family Medicine and Psychiatry, Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health  Michael Grodin
New York
Morris Theodore Koven   1926   HainesMarriageRecords
        salesman - dental supplies
Joseph M Shapiro   1930   1930USFedCensus
Joseph M Shapiro   1930   1930USFedCensus
Frieda Haase   1935   HainesMarriageRecords

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