Elected official, Government employees
(excluding military personnel)
in the Documenting Maine Jewry database

years shown are ones which the person was known
to be engaged in that industry

Occupational titles are as provided by the source; odd sounding titles are most likely those recorded by census takers

     Lewiston Auburn area
Lena M Rubinoff z"l  Lewiston School Board 1930 first Lewiston Jewish woman to seek a political office   Story of the Jews in Lewiston and Auburn
Career U. S. foreign service officer
     Greater Portland
Kenneth J. Robinson  U. S. Department of State   Betsy Bertuzzi (2016)
carrier with Post Office
Boris Blumenthal z"l   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory
Herman S Gerrish z"l  U.S.l District Court for the District of Maine 1936   The Universal Jewish Enclyopedia - on line
Herman S Gerrish z"l   1936   The Universal Jewish Enclyopedia - on line
     Greater Bangor
Edward L Allen z"l  Maine Department of Health and Welfare   Edward Allen's obituary
     Greater Portland
Albert ("Jim") Abrahamson z"l   1935 - 1939   The Universal Jewish Encyclopeida - on-line
     Lewiston Auburn area
Harris Meyer Isaacson z"l  Lewiston School Board 1930   Story of the Jews in Lewiston and Auburn
Nathan Bloom z"l  Maine State Highway Commission 1955   1955 Zelch
employee of
     Greater Portland
Sidney Cox  U S Treasury   George Alan Perry (email of 30 Jan 2011)
     Greater Bangor
Jerry Gotlieb  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power 1964 to 1968   Jerry Gotlieb (2018)
Executive Director
     Greater Portland
Albert ("Jim") Abrahamson z"l   1942   The Universal Jewish Encyclopeida - on-line
government employee
     Greater Bangor
George M Coen   1935   HainesMarriageRecords
government service
     Greater Portland
Albert ("Jim") Abrahamson z"l   1934 - 1941   Ben Band
Hydraulic and Structural Engineer
Isadore K Silverman z"l  Bureau of Reclamation 1933   Sherri Quint (2018)
keeper - state library
     Greater Augusta
Rebecca Freidman   1930   1930 US Fed Census-Augusta
legislative assistant and clerk
     Greater Waterville
Eliot R Cutler  Office of Senator Ed Muskie   Interview of Eliot Cutler (Mitchell Collection, Bowdoin)
     Greater Augusta
Roger Att Katz  City of Augusta, ME 2006-2010   Rabbi Susan Bulba Carvutto / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Katz
     Greater Portland
Linda Abromson z"l  Portland - City Council 1982-1983   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_of_Portland,_Maine
Esther Clenott z"l  City of Portland 1989-1990   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_of_Portland,_Maine
James Irvin Cohen  City of Portland 2005- 2006   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_of_Portland,_Maine
Ethan Strimling  City of Portland 2015 - to date (2017)   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_of_Portland,_Maine
William B Troubh z"l  City of Portland 1974 - 1975 / 1983-1984 two terms  Troubh Heisler website (2017) / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mayors_of_Portland,_Maine
Max Louis Pinansky z"l  Portland School Board (now 1124) 1932   The Universal Jewish Encyclopeida - on-line
Harry Taylor z"l  Maine House of Representatives 1904 - 1906   The Universal Jewish Encyclopeida - on-line
Portland City Major
Graham Watt  Jewish Home for the Aged / Moshav Zekeinim 1962   Jewish Home Cornerstone Ceremony
Max Louis Pinansky z"l  Maine State Senate 1934 - 1936   The Universal Jewish Encyclopeida - on-line
senior staff
     Greater Waterville
Eliot R Cutler  White House - OMB Carter Administration   Interview of Eliot Cutler (Mitchell Collection, Bowdoin)
Social Worker
     Greater Augusta
Harvey S NASECK z"l  State of Maine Until 1996 Retired after 30 years  Rebecca Labbe (2014)
State Senator
Bennet David Katz  Maine State Senate 1969-1970 / 1979 - 1980   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bennett_Katz
Roger Att Katz  Maine State Senate 2010 - to date (2017)   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Katz
state senator
     Greater Bangor
Edward Stern z"l     BethIsraelBangor100
stenographer - state house
     Greater Augusta
Marion J Goldberg   1930   1930 US Fed Census-Augusta
stenographer - war dept.
     Lewiston Auburn area
Eva Lelansky   1920   1920LewistonCensus
tax assessor
     Greater Portland
Louis Kaplan z"l   1901   The Universal Jewish Encyclopeida - on-line
title not known
Celia Povich z"l  US Coast Guard 1997   Povich Family biography in Risen, Jewels of Maine
     Greater Portland
Solomon Kessler z"l  U.S. Postal Service retired in 1984  Sherri Quint (2018)
     Lewiston Auburn area
Martin J Shultz   1955   1955 Zelch
US Commissioner for Maine
     Greater Portland
Jacob H Berman z"l   1925 - 1929   Ben Band
US Immigration Service
Herman Cohen   1930   1930PortlandCityDirectory

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