A J Goldsmith store in Old Town - 1965 c

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A.J. Goldsmith
10 North Main Street, Old Town, Maine

"A.J. Goldsmith�s Men�s and Boys� Store had its beginning in December of 1907 when Mr. Arthur Goldsmith bought out a small confectionery and stationery store, liquidated the inventory and stocked the store with men�s and boys� clothing. The store at that time covered less than one-third the area of the present street floor.

Mr. Goldsmith�s store has always been located at its present site, 10 North Main Street. It presently contains a main floor area of nearly 4000 square feet plus basement and second floor levels.

On January 28, 1935, a fire destroyed several stores, including Mr. Goldsmith�s and Keith�s Shoe Store, which was located next door at 12 North Main Street. Following the fire, Mr. Goldsmith purchased the site of Keith�s Shoe store and built his present building. Many alterations and additions have been made over the years.

In 1926, Samuel Goldsmith became associated with his father in the business, and in 1949 another son, Milton H. Goldsmith entered the business, both sons carrying on the business under the name of A.J. Goldsmith.

Although Mr. Goldsmith retired in 1951 and is presently 81 years of age, he still goes to the store each day to offer assistance if needed. The story of his business reflects the era in which it grew: it was built on hard work and hours from 6 a.m. until 10 or 11 p.m., six days a week. Unceasing effort created the opportunity to achieve success.

In recent years the men�s and boys� business has been expanded to include service uniforms, formal wear rental department, and a complete athletic and sporting goods department serving schools throughout Main and New Hampshire. "
125th Birthday celebration for the city of Old Town (1965).

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