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  Surprise 1882-04-15
  Goldstein's Reception 1882-04-29
  New Advertisement 1882-08-19
  A Disturbance : Two Jewish Families Air Their Troubles and Arrests Follow 1898-06-25
  Verily Bath has become metropolitan with a Jewish Synagogue in the Y.M.C.A. building. 1898-09-17
  Child Killed 1899-04-22
  Bath's Jews 1899-09-09
  The Jewish churchbook has one page of the Hebrew text and on the page opposite the English translation ... Bath rejoices in a population of about 60 Jews there being here 18 families that form the Bath synagogue. 1900-09-29
  Bath Hebrews have celebrated the Jewish Passover the week. 1902-04-26
  Charged With Assault and Battery 1902-10-04
  Jewish mixup woman landed a few blows upon the face of her antaonist injured Jew wanted more fight 1903-04-04
  Jewish new year will be celebrated having no synagogue in the city, will hold its services at the Y.M.C.A. 1903-09-12
  Business Resumed 1903-09-26
  Mr. Rodarn of Portland, a Russian Jewish Rabbi to conduct services in celebration of Yon Kipper in the YMCA 1903-10-01
  The Hebrew colony in this city religiously observed Yom Kippur at the Y.M.C.A. 1903-10-03
  Work Commenced at Hebrew Colony 1904-12-14
  The first arrival at the new Hebrew colony at Cook's Corner from Boston there will be a large summer population there. 1905-05-20
  New Arrivals arrive at Hebrew Colony 1905-07-08
  Hebrew New Year II 1905-09-16
  Yom Kippur II 1905-10-11
  The Hebrew colony at Cook's corner is filled to its capacity with a happy throng from Boston and New York 1906-08-11
  The Tenth Annual Food Fair Mikelsky's phonograph booth Misses Sophia and Bessie M Mikelsky furnished the patrons with selections from different machines 1906-11-17
  Hebrew pack peddlers aren't quite as plenty in Bath as they used to be, but they can be as troublesome 1908-03-28
  Twentieth Anniversary in Bath 1908-04-18
  Hebrew New Year 1908-09-26
  a phonograph concert by Miss Sophia M Mikelsky 1908-10-10
  Simon Povich has purchased the block on the corner of Arch and Front streets and the boarding house 1910-01-29
  naturalization papers were granted to Morris Pisetzen, Samuel Green, Morris Samuel Povich 1911-08-19
  Yom Kippur 1914-10-03
  For Assult : Pejepscot Lithuanian Given a Nominal Sentence by Judge. 1915-06-12
  The Jewish New Year Festival services in Red Men's Hall 1915-09-11
  Bath's Hebrew congegation .. local Synagogue on Front street celebrating the religious holidays 1915-10-01
  Gordon-Orisky : 200 Guests at Brilliant Festivities in Music Hall Tuesday Evening 1916-03-11
  Purim party for the Bath Hebrew congregation at their service hall, under the auspices of the Naomi Club. 1916-03-25
  Purim Program 1917-03-17
  Passover celebration Rabbi Charles Arik is in charge. 1917-04-14 On permanent exhibition at the Maine Jewish Museum, Portland
  Brilliant Event was Armory at Rabbi's Wedding : Bride in White Satin Charming Bath Girl and 250 Guests at Function 1917-11-10 On permanent exhibition at the Maine Jewish Museum, Portland
  Several yound men, employed at the Texas Company and the Iron Works have formed a club, the "Happy Twenty" 1918-01-19 On permanent exhibition at the Maine Jewish Museum, Portland
  Naomi Club : Celebrates Second Birthday With Party in Foresters Hall 1918-02-09
  Hebrews Form : Workman's Circle Installing, Sunday, Occicials in Texas Club Rooms 1918-02-16
  The girls of the Naomi club were entertained by the young gentlemen of the "Happy Twenty" 1918-05-11
  Hon. E.W. Hyde to be Honorary Chairman 1918-08-03
  Mass Meeting for Jewish War Relief 1918-08-10
  Jewish War Relief Drive Promises to Exceed Bath Quota : Committee Raises Nearly $100 at Band Concert in Brunswick 1918-08-17
  Good Concert by the Texas Band for Jewish Relief 1918-08-24
  Bath Exceeds Quota in Jewish War Drive 1918-08-31
  A meeting of the Jewish War Relief of Bath was in Red Men's hall. 1919-03-21
  Passing Auto Takes a Child 1919-05-03
  The YMHA and the YWHA are among the newest of Bath societies. 1919-11-13
  Enjpyable Party Given for Synagogue Fund 1919-12-25
  New Synagogue Will Be Built 1921-06-09
  New Synagogue in Bath Growing : Foundation in and the Sills Will be Laid the Coming Week 1921-08-04
  Rapid progress is being made on the Jewish synagogue and it is expected to be ready for services in a few weeks. 1921-09-22
  Bath Hebrews Celebrate Feast : Ancient Ceremony is to be Carried Out in this City 1921-10-20
  Commercial Market Entered 1922-03-23
  Jewish New Year Comeas on Saturday 1922-09-21
  Beth Israel Young People Present Play 1924-03-27
  Jews Hail Arrival of Month of Ellul : Days Significant to Religious Jews as Preamble to Yiddish Holy Days 1924-10-02
  Obituary - Harry Brown : Well Known Citizen and Bath Merchant Dies at his Home 1926-11-25
  Dedication Exercises at Beth Israel Synagogue 1927-05-26
  Dedication Exercises at Synagogue Attract Many People to Bath : Reception and Exercises at Beth Israel Synagogue Followed by Fine Banquet 1927-06-02
  Povich Purchases Hartnett Business : Store Will Close Its Doors in the Near Future After Long Service in Bath 1929-10-31
  Surprise Party Given Bath Family Soon to Leave for Europe : Pleasant Affair Takes Place at Beth Israel Synagogue Thursday Evening 1930-07-03
  Bath Man Keeps Promises He Made Many Years Ago 1930-09-25
  Chanukah play given at Synagogue : Jewish Children Present Performance in Observance of Holidays 1930-12-18
  Mrs. David S. Cogan was chairman of a bridge party recently given in the vestry of the Beth Israel synagogue by the Hebrew Ladies' Aid. 1931-11-19
  Saturday morning Morris M Petlock will open at 90 Center street, the Cut Price Market, where the specialty will be a full line of meats. 1931-12-03
  Mr. and Mrs. Harold W Supovitz of 9 Valley road returned Tuesday night from Lewiston 1932-02-25
  Nathan Povich : Bath Business Man Dies in Washington Where He Was Passing the Winter 1932-03-17
  Beth Israel Children Have Fine Program : Story of Queen Esther Presented on Sunday Afternoon 1932-03-31
  Mensh-Povich Wedding Sunday : Bath Young Lady Becomes Bride at Beth Israel Synagogue at Old Orchard 1932-08-25
  Synagogue Mortgage Burned With Fitting Ceremonies Sunday : Jewish Congregation in Bath With Many from Out of Town Attend Exercises 1932-09-15
  Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashanah Observed Oct. 1-2 : Festival is a Gentle Reminder of Brevity of Human Life 1932-10-06
  Enjoyable Program at the Synagogue : Children of Beth Israel Congregation Prove Excellent Entertainers 1933-01-05
  Passover Program at the Synagogue 1933-04-27
  The confirmation ceremony of Edward B. Cohen 1933-10-26
  Miss Bessie F. Greenblatt, principal of Weeks street grammar 1933-11-23
  Benefit Minstrel Show at Vestry of Beth Israel 1933-12-21
  Beth Israel Synagogue Sunday school held its second annual silver tea 1934-01-18
  Peppy Minstrel Show at Masonic Temple : Third and Final Performance by Yound People of Beth Israel Congregation 1934-09-13
  Notice 1934-09-20
  Peppy Minstrel Show Delights Audience on Thursday Evening : Beth Israel Synagogue Vestry Well Filled to Enjoy Performance 1935-01-17
  Youngsters Stage a Minstrel Show 1935-01-31
  Juvenile Minstrels Aid Temple Fund : Youngsters Give Show at Beth Israel Synagogue Wednesday Afternoon 1935-02-21
  Mother and Daughter Banquet in Auburn Synagogue Sunday : Sixteen From Rhis City Attend Affair at Which 150 Were Present 1935-05-16
  Synagogue Observes Anniversay Tuesday with Special Service : Rabbi Morris H. Chapman of Lewiston Principal Speaker of the Evening 1935-05-23
  Annual meeting of Hebrew Ladies society 1935-07-04
  Hebrew Ladies' society sponsored a highly successful party for the benefit of the Hebrew Home for the Aged, Portland. 1935-10-31
  Obituary - Anna L. Petlock : Wife of Nathan Petlock Dies Suddenly Sunday Morning 1935-11-07
  Bath Lodge Bnai Brith Hears a Fine Address by Dr. Elias Caplan : Special Meeting Held on Thursday Evening in Vestry of Beth Israel Synagogue 1935-12-19
  Bath Lodge B'Nai Brith to Install Officers 1936-01-23
  Okaiyoka Troop Plans Folk Festival 1936-02-09
  Hebrew Ladies Society of Beth Israel synagogue held its annual meeting 1936-06-25
  Rev. Charles Arik [obituary] : Former Leader of Jewish Community in Bath Dies in Laconia, N.H. 1936-07-02
  Another who passed the bar examination was Max Klazkin, rabbi of Beth Israel Synagogue in Bath. 1936-08-13
  Install Officers of Beth Israel : Buffet Supper Served Following Business Meeting Wednesday Evening 1936-11-19
  Junior Council o f Beth Israel was the name given to an organization of Jewish young people 1936-12-03
  Chanukah Program at Synagogue Vestry : Entertainment Provided by Pupils of Classes of Mrs. Joseph I. Smith 1936-12-17
  Junior Council of Beth Israel sponsored its first social, a dance, on Sunday evening in the vestry of Beth Israel synagogue Announcement was made of a dance New Year's Eve. 1936-12-24
  Beth Israel Men Conduct a Dance : Seventy-Five Couples Enjoy Party at the Sedgwick Tuesday Evening 1937-03-04
  Enjoyable Reception at Beth Israel : Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Levin Entertain Large Gathering in Honor of their Son Robert D. Levin 1937-12-02
  Surprise Shower for Miss Greenblatt : The Misses Esther J. and Evelyn Petlock Conduct Party at Beth Israel Synagogue Vestry 1938-01-20
  Memorial Chandelier Dedicated Sunday : Placed in Beth Israel Synagogue in Memory of Nathan and Anna Leah Petlock 1938-03-03
  Miss Sophie Greenblatt Retires from Staff : Popular Yound Lady Reporter to be Married Next Sunday at Augusta Young Man 1938-03-10
  Surprise Farewell Party for Miss Cogan : Coming Here From Lithuania in 1936 Will Go to Portland, Oregon to Resdie 1938-03-17
  Inter-Faith Meeting Next Sunday Night : Mass Meeting to Show Solidarity of Religious Forces to be Held at Morse Auditorium 1939-02-16
  B'nai Brith Lodge Installs Its Officers Sunday Evening : Exercises Take Place in Vestry of the Synagogue with Large Attendance 1939-04-27
  Hebrew Ladies' Society Installs Officers 1939-06-15
  Jewish New Year 1939-09-07
  Beth Israel Juniors Present Their Play : Excellent Performance of "Purim-Hi-Jinx" Given in the Vestry Tuesday Evening 1939-10-26
  Donald Mayer Povich Confirmed Saturday : More Than 100 Members of Congregation of Beth Israel Synagogue Present 1939-12-07
  Hon. Louis A. Novins discussed economic and political effects of the European war on American life today. 1940-04-18
  Windows of Eight Jewish Operated Stores Smeared 1940-09-12
  Police Expect an Early Arrest in Smearing Case 1940-10-17
  B'Nai Brith Auxiliary Elects Its Officers : Meeting Held Monday Evening at the Beth Israel Synagogue 1941-03-13
  Lodge and Auxiliary Install Officers : Ceremony Takes Place Thursday Evening in Vestry of Beth Israel Synagogue 1941-04-03
  Gediman Bros. Store Has Not Been Sold 1941-10-30
  Club to Promote Defense Buying : Men Members of Beth Israel Synagogue Form an Organization 1941-12-25
  Auxiliary Awards Defense Bonds and Gives Red Cross $5 : January Meeting B'Nai Brith Ladies' Aid Held Monday Evening 1942-01-15
  A farewell party was given Sam Fuhr, former sales manager at the Rogers Jewelry store on Centre street 1942-04-02
  Dr. Elias Caplan Installs Officers of B'nai B'rith Lodge : Ceremony Takes Place Sunday Evening in Vestry of Beth Israel Synagogue 1942-05-07
  Yankowitz-Shansky Wedding on Sunday : Ceremony Takes Place at Beth Israel Synagogue and Reception Follows 1942-07-30
  Dr. Jacob Smith Will Enter Service on September 14 : Closes Office Here Thursday of Coming Week and Going to Texas 1942-09-10
  Hebrew Ladies' Society Meeting : Recently Elected Officers Take Up Their Duties At First Meeting of Season 1942-10-08
  Miss Evelyn Petlock Weds Lewiston Man : Bath Girl Become Bride of Abe Merson Thursday Evening 1942-10-15
  Miscellaneous Party is Given Mrs. Merson Wednesday Evening : Shower Takes Place at Vestry of Beth Israel Synagogue and Largely Attended 1942-11-12
  Churches Unite to Meet Problems Created by War 1943-10-14
  Jewish Boys Party Held at Synagogue 1943-11-18
  A Chanukah was held under the auspices of the Hebrew Ladies' Society. 1943-12-30
  Mrs. Rosa Povich : Widow of Nathan Povich Dies at Home of Her Daughter in Washington 1944-03-16
  Milton Gediman : Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gediman dies at the Age of 19. 1944-04-06
  Wedding Service Reenacted After Half a Century 1944-06-29
  Cohen-Lebewohl Wedding Sunday at Beth Israel 1945-01-04
  Clothing and Food for Jewish Relief : Bath Committee Urges Help for Suffering Jews in Other Countries 1946-02-28
  Pen Picture of Part pf Front Street and Its Businessmen of 60 Years Ago 1947-01-16
  Esther Ruth is the name given to the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Saul Levine 1947-02-20
  Greenblatt-Silverman Wedding Sunday at Old Orchard Beach : Bath Young Man Weds Portland Yound Lady and Reception Follows 1947-09-11
  Mrs. Ida Miller 1949-06-23
  Memorial Tablet Dedicated at Beth Israel Synagogue : Tablet in Memory of Nathan and Rosa Povich and Son Morris 1949-08-25
  Ralph Diamon [obituary] 1949-12-08
  Lou Mason Proves Fine Entertainer at the Synagogue : Bath B'nai B'rith Lodge and ChapterHosts for the Evening 1949-12-22
  Family Confirmation Service 1950-04-20
  Abraham Miller [obituary] : Long Time Resident of Bath Dies Following a Long Illness 1950-11-16
  Petlock Purchases Center Street Block : Has Occupied Store Next to the Railroad Tracks for 20 Years 1951-05-10
  Confirmation Service for Harvey Prawer 1951-05-24
  Bath Couple Observes Wedding Anniversay : Mr. and Mrs. Solomon K. Greenblatt Married 44 Years Ago 1951-08-30
  Berman-Greenblatt Wedding Sunday at Old Orchard 1952-07-03
  Pre-Nuptial Shower for Miss Irene Lait : Party at Beth Israel Synagogue Sunday Largely Attended 1952-12-11
  Beth Israel Ladies Aid 1952-12-25
  Harry Lait [obituary] 1953-07-09
  Miss Sylvia Cohen Guest at Shower 1953-07-23
  Holy Day Service at Beth Israel Synagogue Wednesday : Bath Hebrews Are Now Celebrating Beginning of Jewish New Year 1953-09-10
  Goldie M. Greenblatt [obituary] 1954-03-25
  Cut Price Market to Have New Store : Present Quarters To Be Torn Down and New Building Erected On Site 1954-04-01
  The Jewish observance of the passover begins tonight and continues two days. Rabbi Samuel Cohen will conduct services in observance of the event at the Petlock home at the North End. 1955-03-31
  Mrs. Celina M. Brown [obituary] 1955-04-07
  Funeral Mrs. Brown [obituary] 1955-04-14
  B'nai B'rith Aiding in Hospital Sponsorship 1955-05-12
  B'nai B'rith Entertains With Social Monday Night 1955-10-27
  Beth Israel Sisterhood Has Chanuka Party 1956-12-06
  Lists Bath Churches Taking Part in Clothing for Hungary Drive 1956-12-27
  Hebrew Ladies Society with Mrs. Povich 1957-03-21
  Bath Man to Receive Citation from the National Jewish Welfare Board 1959-05-28
  Special Services at Presentation of a Torah 1959-11-05
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  Bath Independent article of 1905-09-13 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1916-04-29 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1916-09-30 date not known
  Naomi Club meeting date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1916-12-02 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1917-02-01 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1917-02-03 date not known
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  Bath Independent article of 1919-04-05_1 date not known
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  Bath Independent article of 1922-02-09_1 date not known
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  Bath Independent article of 1922-11-02_1 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1922-11-02_2 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1922-11-02_3 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1929_07_11 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1933-03-23_2 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1935-01-10_1 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1935-01-10_2 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1935-11-21_1 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1935-11-21_2 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1936-01-19 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1936-10-29 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1937-02-22 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1937-07-01 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1939-02-16_1 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1939-09-28_1 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1939-09-28_2 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1940-12-18 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1947-01-09_1 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1956-12-30 date not known
  Bath Independent article of 1958-10-09 date not known
  Unconscious Man Is Found On Steps April 5, 1919