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Centeens Plan Spring Activities

date not known - library collection

Thank you to Bangor Public Library (JCC Archives) for the photo
 Lawrence   Berson  Lawrence (Mrs)   Berson  Marcia   Berson  Bernice   Braveman  ; Joellyn   Cohen; Ann   Dresner  Alan   Feldman  Alan (Mrs)   Feldman  Shirley   Gotlieb  William   Matson  ; William (Mrs)   Matson; Shanna   Podberesky  Paula   Rolsky  Karen   Rothschild  ; Gail   Segal; Bonnie   Silverman  Ronnie   Silverman  Brenda   Stone  Rosalyn   Striar  Bess   Tabenken  Miriam   Viner  ;

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