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Lewiston JCC Field Trip

circa 1970 -

Note: to be assigned a theme
Links to People: :  all to be identified ; Karen Rubenstein2nd from left; Jennifer Cohen3rd from leftAlan Rosenblatt 5th from left; James Persky6th from left; Eddie Persky6th from rightCharles Wilner 5th from rightJim Wilner 4th from right; Suzie Shapiro3rd from rightBeth Berman 2nd from right; Toni Passermanright;

front row :   Philip Lane   left ;   Helene Fakhery ;   4th from left   Anita Burke ;   middle   Scott Shapiro   4th from right ;   Linda Koss ;   3rd from right   Eric Kaplan ;   2nd from right   Bonnie Koss ;   right
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