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Passover with a Bangor Family date not known

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“My mother worked so hard and with five kids, I'm not sure how she did it. My father did most of the shopping and we had everything we needed mostly from Sklars in Bangor but I also remember him coming in with a case of eggs from who knows where - that was 12 dozen! We had three dairies in Bangor and each year one of them would work with the local Rabbis to have Kosher for Passover milk. I have a couple of those old green bowls that I use for Pesach breakfast- cottage cheese, sour cream and fruit! I also remember that this was one of the only times that we had soda in the house - Cott orange soda - probably had it just because it was Kosher for Passover! The way my mother koshered the kitchen sink was to put a wooden board inside - funny the things that stick in your mind. Most of all, I think, was the aroma of Pesach foods cooking. When I cook these foods - and some new ones - I am transported back to my mother's kitchen.” #jewishmaine #passover #seder #pesach

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