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Jewish boy alleged to have fired rockets at a private house

July 8, 1884 - private collection

Thank you to Le Messager and James Myall for the photo
Note: translation : " “The police are searching for a young boy named Joseph Pelletier, accused of having fired a shot in the entry of the Dorman buildings on Hines St. A Jew was living there, whose wife was sick. Since the explosions from 4th of July fireworks tired his wife out a lot, he went outside and asked the kids who were making the racket to stop or go further away. Instead of obeying him, one of them, allegedly Pelletier, loaded all kinds of projectiles into a gas pipe which served as a cannon and shot it into the doorway. The projectiles failed to kill the Jew, whose wife gave birth an hour later. They say she was very frightened by the danger faced by her husband. The young Pelletier undoubtedly has not reflected on what he did and the police will catch him to grill him.”