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Milton Myron Gordon - biography

1935- - on line

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Thank you to and Harris Gleckman for the information
Note: "Born October 3, 1918, in Gardiner, ME; son of Max and Rose Goldberg;
"Milton Myron Gordon was born in Gardiner, Maine, the son of immigrant Jewish parents from Russia. The town had a small number of Jewish families, and Gordon grew up playing with the children of Yankee shopkeepers and farmers and Irish and French-Canadian factory workers. His father began work in Maine as a laborer, cutting ice from the river in winter, then went on to become a respected businessman. Gordon's parents divorced when he was thirteen, and he moved with his mother to Portland, Maine, where they became integrated into a larger Jewish community. It was there that Gordon first experienced division by social class. Jewish high school fraternities and sororities fell into two groups: middle-class and working-class. Gordon attended Bowdoin College in Maine, where there was an atmosphere of student discrimination against Jews, wrote Gordon in an article for Society. During the four years he was enrolled there, only two Jewish students were invited to join a fraternity. Gordon received a fine education at Bowdoin and was mentored by Elbridge Sibley, a sociologist from Columbia University."
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