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1920 US Federal Census Data Lewiston

Data extracted by Colby College Maine Jewish Studies Program

Name - link to DMJ biographic infoGenderRelation to head agePOB personAddressYOInat/alienstudentliterate?POB fatherPOB mothermother tongue class????wardenum. DistSource
Max BermanMheadabt 186852Russia84 College St, Lewiston1886na yRussiaRussiaRussianmerchant clothingOA 1171920LewistonCensus
Mary / Martha BermanFwifeabt 187545Russia84 College St, Lewiston1889na yRussiaRussiaRussiannone   1171920LewistonCensus
Myer BermanMsonabt 1891- 189327Maine84 College St, Lewiston   yRussiaRussia clerk clothing storeW 1171920LewistonCensus
Jack BermanMsonabt 189426Maine84 College St, Lewiston   yRussiaRussia merchant clothing OA 1171920LewistonCensus
Ida BermanFdaughterabt 189723Maine84 College St, Lewiston   yRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Harry BermanMsonabt 189822Maine84 College St, Lewiston   yRussiaRussia salesman calendarsal 1171920LewistonCensus
Joseph BermanMsonabt 1896- 190020Maine84 College St, Lewiston   yRussiaRussia clerk clothingsal 1171920LewistonCensus
Francis BermanMsonabt 19137Maine84 College St, Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Abraham KriemanMroomerabt 190020Maine84 College St, Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia news dealer periodicalsOA 1171920LewistonCensus
National TaylorMroomerabt 188535Maine88 College St., Lewiston   yRussia (Russian)Russia (Russian) tailor shopOA 1171920LewistonCensus
David GottesfeldMheadabt 1878 or abt 188442Audstria90 College St., Lewiston1883na yAustriaAustriaPolishfurrier shopw 1171920LewistonCensus
Fanny GottesfeldFwifeabt 1890 or abt 189330New York90 College St., Lewiston   yAustria (Polish)Austria (Polish) none   1171920LewistonCensus
Malvin GottesfeldMsonabt 191010New York90 College St., Lewiston  yyAustria (Polish)New York none   1171920LewistonCensus
Jeannette GottesfeldFdaughterabt 1909 or abt 19128New York90 College St., Lewiston  yyAustria (Polish)New York none   1171920LewistonCensus
Maurice SchatzMheadabt 189525Russia178 Oak St., Lewiston1911na yRussiaRussiaRussiancutter shirt shipW 1171920LewistonCensus
Bella SchatzFwifeabt 189723Maine178 Oak St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Allen SchatzMsonabt 1919.250.75Maine178 Oak St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Wolf KushelevetzMheadabt 187446Russia36 Prescott St., Lewiston1892na yRussiaRussiaRussianmerchant shoesW 1171920LewistonCensus
Hannah KushelevetzFwifeabt 187545Russia36 Prescott St., Lewiston1892na yRussiaRussiaRussiannone   1171920LewistonCensus
Alex KushelevetzMsonabt 189822Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia clerk shoe factoryW 1171920LewistonCensus
Dora KushelevetzFdaughterabt 190119Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia book keeper storeW 1171920LewistonCensus
Ethel KushelevetzFdaughterabt 190218Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
David KushelevetzMsonabt 190416Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Rae KushelevetzFdaughterabt 190614Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Francis KushelevetzFdaughterabt 191010Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Ida KushelevetzFdaughterabt 19137Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston  y RussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Abraham R KushelevetzMsonabt 19182Maine36 Prescott St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Sal SupovitzMheadabt 186753Russia15 Towle St., Lewiston1893al yRussiaRussiaRussianjunk dealer junkOA 1171920LewistonCensus
Sarah SupovitzFwifeabt 187050Russia15 Towle St., Lewiston1893al nRussiaRussiaRussiannone   1171920LewistonCensus
Karl SupovitzMsonabt 189129Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia tailor clothingOA 1171920LewistonCensus
Harry SupovitzMsonabt 1891-9525Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia tailor clothingOA 1171920LewistonCensus
Maurice SupovitzMsonabt 189822Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia tailor clothingOA 1171920LewistonCensus
Abraham SupovitzMsonabt 189723Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia helper bowling alleyW 1171920LewistonCensus
Sal SupovitzMsonabt 190020Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia peddler dry goodsOA 1171920LewistonCensus
Philip SupovitzMsonabt 190515Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Hyman SupovitzMsonabt 190713Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Rose SupovitzFdaughterabt 191010Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Rebecca SupovitzFdaughterabt 190812Maine15 Towle St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   1171920LewistonCensus
Julius NathanMheadabt 187347Massachusetts96 Elm St., Lewiston   yMassachusettsMassachusetts manager clothing cosal 1171920LewistonCensus
Olive NathanFwifeabt 189030New York96 Elm St., Lewiston   yFranceNew York none   1171920LewistonCensus
Donald NathanMsonabt 19128Maine96 Elm St., Lewiston  yyMassachusettsNew York none   1171920LewistonCensus
Jacob NathanMsonabt 19137Maine96 Elm St., Lewiston  yyMassachusettsNew York none   1171920LewistonCensus
Esther LawtonNJI cookabt 190218Massachusetts571 Main St., Lewiston   yRussia (Jewish)Russia (Jewish) maid private familyW 1171920LewistonCensus
Isaac SadlerMheadabt 186555Russia52 West Bates, Lewiston1903na yRussiaRussiaRussiantailor   2201920LewistonCensus
Rosie SadlerFwifeabt 188040Austira52 West Bates, Lewiston1909na yAustriaAustriaGermannone   2201920LewistonCensus
Lillian SadlerFdaughterabt 190119Canada52 West Bates, Lewiston1909na yRussiaAustriaEnglishpacher shirt shopW 2201920LewistonCensus
David SadlerMsonabt 190218Canada52 West Bates, Lewiston1909na yRussiaAustriaEnglishpainter shoe shopW 2201920LewistonCensus
Laura SadlerFdaughterabt 190515Canada52 West Bates, Lewiston1909nayyRussiaAustriaEnglishnone   2201920LewistonCensus
Abraham SadlerMsonabt 190614Illinois52 West Bates, Lewiston  yyRussiaAustria none   2201920LewistonCensus
Henry SadlerMsonabt 190911Maine52 West Bates, Lewiston  yyRussiaAustria none   2201920LewistonCensus
John SadlerMsonabt 19128Maine52 West Bates, Lewiston  yyRussiaAustria none   2201920LewistonCensus
Max SadlerMsonabt 19137Maine52 West Bates, Lewiston  y RussiaAustria none   2201920LewistonCensus
Sarah SadlerFdaughterabt 19155Maine52 West Bates, Lewiston  n RussiaAustria none   2201920LewistonCensus
Sam SadlerMsonabt 19164Maine52 West Bates, Lewiston  n RussiaAustria none   2201920LewistonCensus
Charley SadlerMsonabt 19182Maine52 West Bates, Lewiston  n RussiaAustria none   2201920LewistonCensus
Morris SadlerMsonabt 189228Canada52 West Bates, Lewiston1909alnyRussiaAustriaEnglishnone   2201920LewistonCensus
Henrietta RosenthalFwifeabt 1887-1888 or abt 1896-189733Maine50 Main St., Lewiston   yRussia (Russian)Russia (Russian) none   2201920LewistonCensus
Martin "Marty' RosenthalMsonabt 1910- 19128Maine50 Main St., Lewiston  yyMassachusettsMaine none   2201920LewistonCensus
Maurice SchifferMheadabt 188832Russia44 Bates St., Lewiston1905al yRussiaRussiaRussianmerchant tailorOA 2201920LewistonCensus
Lena SchifferFwifeabt 189030England44 Bates St., Lewiston1910al yEnglandEnglandEnglishnone   2201920LewistonCensus
Edith SchifferFdaughterabt 1919.20.8Maine44 Bates St., Lewiston    EnglandEngland none   2201920LewistonCensus
Harry SaudersMlodgerabt 189624Russia44 Bates St., Lewiston1913al yRussiaRussiaRussiantailor tailor shopW 2201920LewistonCensus
Samuel WiseMlodgerabt 187941Russia94 Ash St., Lewiston1905al yRussiaRussiaRussianmerchant clothingOA 3221920LewistonCensus
Aleck AxelrodMroomerabt 189624Russia84A Lisbon St., Lewiston1913pa yRussiaRussiaRussiansalesman clothingOA 3231920LewistonCensus
Jack GorevitzMroomerabt 189822Russia/Poland84A Lisbon St., Lewiston1916al yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishsalesman clothingW 3231920LewistonCensus
Annie MersonFheadabt 187545Russia255 Lisbon St., Lewiston1910pa yRussiaRussiaRussiannone   4241920LewistonCensus
Hyman MersonMsonabt 1901-190219Russia255 Lisbon St., Lewiston1910alnyRussiaRussiayiddishbottler soda factoryW 4241920LewistonCensus
Pauline MersonFdaughterabt 190614Russia255 Lisbon St., Lewiston1910alnyRussiaRussiayiddishoffice clerk shoe shopW 4241920LewistonCensus
Lillian MersonFdaughterabt 1907-190813Russia255 Lisbon St., Lewiston1910alyyRussiaRussiayiddishnone   4241920LewistonCensus
Abraham 'Abe' MersonMsonabt 1910-19119New York255 Lisbon St., Lewiston  y RussiaRussia none   4241920LewistonCensus
Yetta MersonFdaughterabt 19164New York255 Lisbon St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   4241920LewistonCensus
Moses MendelsonMlodgerabt 187545Canada215 Lisbon St., Lewiston1889na yPoland (Hebrew)Poland (Hebrew)Hebrewsalesman clothing storeW 4241920LewistonCensus
Max BaronMheadabt 188535Russia115 Bartlett St., Lewiston1906na yRussiaRussiaRussiantailor tailor shopOA 4251920LewistonCensus
Rose BaronFwifeabt 188634Russia115 Bartlett St., Lewiston1904na yRussiaRussiaRussiannone   4251920LewistonCensus
Harry BaronMsonabt 190911 115 Bartlett St., Lewiston       none   4251920LewistonCensus
Dorothy BaronFdaughterabt 19146 115 Bartlett St., Lewiston       none   4251920LewistonCensus
Samuel SupovitzMheadabt 188535Russia119 Bartlett St., Lewiston1908na yRussiaRussiaRussiantailor tailor shopOA 4251920LewistonCensus
Fannie SupovitzFwifeabt 189030Russia119 Bartlett St., Lewiston1885na yRussiaRussiaRussiannone   4251920LewistonCensus
Edith SupovitzFdaughterabt 19137Maine119 Bartlett St., Lewiston  yn   none   4251920LewistonCensus
Isaac IsaacsonMboarderabt 186654Massachusetts40 Pine St., Lewiston   yRussia (Russian)Russia (Russian) proprietor ?OA 4251920LewistonCensus
Annie IsaacsonFboarderabt 186555New York40 Pine St., Lewiston   yGermany (German)Russia (Russian)    4251920LewistonCensus
Meyer RosenbloomMheadabt 1876 or abt 1868-186952Russia210 Park St., Lewiston1885na yRussiaRussiaHebrewretail merchant dry goodsEm 5261920LewistonCensus
Lea / Leah RosenbloomFwifeabt 186852Russia210 Park St., Lewiston1886na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   5261920LewistonCensus
Philip RosenbloomMsonabt 1864 - 189624Maine210 Park St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia pull over shoe shopW 5261920LewistonCensus
Elisa LubinFboarderabt 186852Russia/Poland210 Park St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/PolandHebrewtailor work outW 5261920LewistonCensus
Florence RosenbloomFdaughterabt 189822Maine210 Park St., Lewiston   yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew) book keeper dry goods storeW 5261920LewistonCensus
Jenny / Jennie RosenbloomFdaughterabt 1905 - 190715Maine210 Park St., Lewiston  yyRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew) none   5261920LewistonCensus
Jacob LifshitzMheadabt 188436Russia167 Bartlett St., Lewiston1908na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Hebrewpeddler garmentOA 5261920LewistonCensus
Ida LifshitzFwifeabt 188733Russia167 Bartlett St., Lewiston1908na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Hebrewnone   5261920LewistonCensus
Sammy LifshitzMsonabt 1911 - 19129Maine167 Bartlett St., Lewiston  y Russia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew) none   5261920LewistonCensus
Alex LifshitzMsonabt 19146Maine167 Bartlett St., Lewiston  y Russia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew) none   5261920LewistonCensus
Louis LifshitzMsonabt 1919.50.5Maine167 Bartlett St., Lewiston    Russia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew) none   5261920LewistonCensus
Louis SilvermanMheadabt 188436Russia162 Bartlett St., Lewiston1902na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Hebrewretail merchant own accountEm 5261920LewistonCensus
Dora SilvermanFwifeabt 1885-1887 or abt 1892-189335Massachusetts162 Bartlett St., Lewiston   yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew) none   5261920LewistonCensus
Sidney / Sydney SilvermanMsonabt 19137Maine162 Bartlett St., Lewiston  y Russia (Hebrew)Massachusetts none   5261920LewistonCensus
David SilvermanMsonabt 19173Maine162 Bartlett St., Lewiston    Russia (Hebrew)Massachusetts none   5261920LewistonCensus
Michael BronsteinMheadabt 187545Russia303 Lisbon St., Lewiston1893na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant pawn shopOA 5271920LewistonCensus
Rebecca BronsteinFwifeabt 188040Russia303 Lisbon St., Lewiston1893na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   5271920LewistonCensus
Ester BronsteinFdaughterabt 189921Maine303 Lisbon St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia stenographer lawyers officeW 5271920LewistonCensus
Kopel KletskyMheadabt 185862Russia173 Lincoln St., Lewiston1887na yRussiaRussiaJewishme keeper dry goodsOA 5281920LewistonCensus
Ida KletskyFwifeabt 186258Russia173 Lincoln St., Lewiston1889na yRussiaRussiaJewishnone   5281920LewistonCensus
Lilian KletskyFdaughterabt 189624Maine173 Lincoln St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia clerk dry goodsW 5281920LewistonCensus
Bessie KletskyFdaughterabt 189822Maine173 Lincoln St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia book keeper dry goodsW 5281920LewistonCensus
Esther KletskyFdaughterabt 190020Maine173 Lincoln St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia stenographer shoe factoryW 5281920LewistonCensus
Joseph SprinceMheadabt 188139Russia/Poland198 Bartlett St., Lewiston1900na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishmerchant dry goodsOA 6311920LewistonCensus
Jennie SprinceFwifeabt 1883 or abt 189137Russia/Poland198 Bartlett St., Lewiston1906na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishnone   6311920LewistonCensus
Samuel SprinceMsonabt 1909-191010Maine198 Bartlett St., Lewiston  yyRussia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Oscar SprinceMsonabt 19119Maine198 Bartlett St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Martin SprinceMsonabt 1912-19137Maine198 Bartlett St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Arnold SprinceMsonabt 1914-19155Maine198 Bartlett St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Manaham SprinceMsonabt 19191Maine198 Bartlett St., Lewiston    Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Maurice SprinceMheadabt 187149Russia/Poland81 Maple St., Lewiston1899na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishmerchant clothing storeOA 6311920LewistonCensus
Elizabeth SprinceFwifeabt 187842Russia/Poland81 Maple St., Lewiston1897na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishnone   6311920LewistonCensus
Henry SprinceMsonabt 1898-189921France81 Maple St., Lewiston1899nayyRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishnone   6311920LewistonCensus
Herbert SprinceMsonabt 19137Maine81 Maple St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Herman HermanMheadabt 189228Massachusetts251 Blake St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/Poland junk dealer own shopEm 6311920LewistonCensus
Yetta HermanFwifeabt 189129Russia/Poland251 Blake St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishnone   6311920LewistonCensus
Kalman ScolnikMheadabt 1885-188934Russia/Poland226 Blake St., Lewiston1905na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishmerchant dry goodsOA 6311920LewistonCensus
Mary ScolnikFwifeabt 1888-189230Russia/Poland226 Blake St., Lewiston1907na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddish   6311920LewistonCensus
Samuel "Sam" ScolnikMsonabt 1912-19147Maine226 Blake St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland    6311920LewistonCensus
William ScolnikMsonabt 19146Maine226 Blake St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland    6311920LewistonCensus
Aleck / Alec ScolnikMsonabt 19182Maine226 Blake St., Lewiston    Russia/PolandRussia/Poland    6311920LewistonCensus
Joseph FinkelsteinMheadabt 189327Russia/Poland251 Blake St., Lewiston1900na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishpeddler instalment businessW 6311920LewistonCensus
Esther FinkelsteinFwifeabt 1894-189626Russia/Poland251 Blake St., Lewiston1911na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishnone   6311920LewistonCensus
Samuel J FinkelsteinMsonabt 1917-19183Maine251 Blake St., Lewiston    Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Julius ScolnikMheadabt 1878 - 188040Russia/Poland281 Bates St., Lewiston1904na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishretail merchant dry goods storeOA 6311920LewistonCensus
Bessie ScolnikFwifeabt 1882 - 188538Russia/Poland281 Bates St., Lewiston1904na yRussia/PolandRussia/Polandyiddishnone   6311920LewistonCensus
Morris ScolnikMsonabt 1909-191111Maine281 Bates St., Lewiston  yyRussia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Rose/Rosie ScolnikFdaughterabt 19119Maine281 Bates St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
William ScolnikMsonabt 19146Maine281 Bates St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Ida ScolnikFdaughterabt 19155Maine281 Bates St., Lewiston  y Russia/PolandRussia/Poland none   6311920LewistonCensus
Moses BacalenickMheadabt 188337Russia85 Maple St., Lewiston1904na yRussiaRussiayiddishmerchant clothingOA 6311920LewistonCensus
Frances BacalenickFwifeabt 188733Russia85 Maple St., Lewiston1889na yRussiaRussiayiddishnone   6311920LewistonCensus
Benjamin BacalenickMsonabt 19119Maine85 Maple St., Lewiston  y RussiaRussia none   6311920LewistonCensus
Joseph AdlerMheadabt 189624Canada513 Sabattus St., Lewiston1902na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Englishprinter job officeW 7321920LewistonCensus
Isabelle AdlerFwifeabt 189723Maine513 Sabattus St., Lewiston   yScotland (scotch)England (English) none   7321920LewistonCensus
Dorothy M AdlerFdaughterabt 19173Maine513 Sabattus St., Lewiston    CanadaMaine none   7321920LewistonCensus
Harry AdlerMbrotherabt 190020Maine513 Sabattus St., Lewiston  nyRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew) printer job officeW 7321920LewistonCensus
P Ermany Minmateabt 186654RussiaCity Farm , Lewiston1903al yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Hebrewnone   7321920LewistonCensus
Albert MendelsonMheadabt 1864 - 186555Russia/Poland110 Horton St., Lewiston1876na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Fannie MendelsonFwifeabt 187545Russia/Poland110 Horton St., Lewiston1876na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Julia MendelsonFdaughterabt 189723Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia clerk clothing storeW 7331920LewistonCensus
Caire MendelsonFdaughterabt 189921Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia teacher high schoolW 7331920LewistonCensus
Martin MendelsonMsonabt 190119Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Joseph ScolnikMheadabt 189030Russia/Poland110 Horton St., Lewiston1908pa yRussiaRussiaHebrewsalesman travelingOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Hannah ScolnikFwifeabt 1891 - 189229Russia/Poland110 Horton St., Lewiston1909al yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Max ScolnikMsonabt 19155Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Hellen ScolnikFdaughterabt 1919.50.5Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Moses CanterMheadabt 187347Russia110 Horton St., Lewiston1890na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant produceOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Anna B CanterFwifeabt 1878-198142Russia110 Horton St., Lewiston1896na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Ester F CanterFdaughterabt 190119Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia teacher training schoolW 7331920LewistonCensus
Meyer B CanterMsonabt 190317Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Helene Sybil CanterFdaughterabt 1914- 19155Maine110 Horton St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Max MandelstamMheadabt 1868 or abt 187152Russia112 Horton St., Lewiston1888Na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant jewlerOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Yetta MandelstamFwifeabt 187941Russia112 Horton St., Lewiston1892Na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Ada MandelstamFdaughterabt 190416New York112 Horton St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Abe MandelstamMsonabt 1910 - 191110Maine112 Horton St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Isadore TarrMheadabt 1884-8536Russia/Poland55 Howe St., Lewiston1906na yRussiaRussiayiddishmerchant retail grocerO 7331920LewistonCensus
Sarah TarrFwifeabt 1882-8338Russia/Poland55 Howe St., Lewiston1901na yRussiaRussiayiddishnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Rebecca TarrFdaughterabt 190317Maine55 Howe St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Rosie TarrFdaughterabt 190515Maine55 Howe St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Frank TarrMsonabt 1906-0814Maine55 Howe St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Sophie TarrFdaughterabt 1913-146Maine55 Howe St., Lewiston  y RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Fannie TarrFdaughterabt 19155Maine55 Howe St., Lewiston  y RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Jennie TarrFdaughterabt 19182Maine55 Howe St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Max MendelsonMheadabt 187248Russia/Poland60 Howe St., Lewiston1890na yRussia/PolandRussia/PolandHebrewretail merchant dry goodsOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Annie MendelsonFwifeabt 1876-187944Russia/Poland60 Howe St., Lewiston1881na yRussia/PolandRussia/PolandHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Maud MendelsonFdaughterabt 189723Massachusetts60 Howe St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/Poland clerk dry goodsW 7331920LewistonCensus
Zelia MendelsonFdaughterabt 189822Maine60 Howe St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/Poland clerk dry goodsW 7331920LewistonCensus
Frances MendelsonFdaughterabt 190812Maine60 Howe St., Lewiston  yyRussia/PolandRussia/Poland none   7331920LewistonCensus
Allen RossMheadabt 1870 - 1871 or abt 188650Russia172 Pine St., Lewiston1880na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant retail dry goodsOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Annie RossFwifeabt 1878 or abt 188642Russia172 Pine St., Lewiston1880na yRussiaRussiaHebrewclerk retail dry goodsOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Sarah / Sara Ann RossFdaughterabt 1900 - 190220Maine172 Pine St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia clerk retail dry goodsW 7331920LewistonCensus
Lewis RossMsonabt 190218Maine172 Pine St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Jerome RossMsonAbt 1905 - 190614Maine172 Pine St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Abraham SingerMheadabt 1866 - 1898 49Russia174 Pine St., Lewiston1885na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant retail dry goodsOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Minnie SingerFwifeabt 1870- 187347Russia174 Pine St., Lewiston1885na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Nettie SingerFdaughterabt 189228Maine174 Pine St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia clerk dry goodsW 7331920LewistonCensus
Ida SingerFdaughterabt 189327Maine174 Pine St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia teacher elocutionOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Samuel SingerMsonabt 189822Maine174 Pine St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia salesman dry goodsW 7331920LewistonCensus
David SingerMsonabt 190119Maine174 Pine St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Percival SingerMsonabt 190911Maine174 Pine St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Abraham ShapiroMheadabt 1863 or abt 1865-6657Russia55 Howard St., Lewiston1900na yRussiaRussiaHebrewdealer real estateOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Lea / Leah ShapiroFwifeabt 186555Russia55 Howard St., Lewiston1904na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Shim ShapiroMsonabt 189426Russia55 Howard St., Lewiston1904na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant confectionaryOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Hyman ShapiroMsonabt 189624Russia55 Howard St., Lewiston1904nanyRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant confectionaryOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Sophia ShapiroFdaughterabt 189921Russia55 Howard St., Lewiston1904nanyRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Herman BermanMheadabt 186159Russia20 Howard St., Lewiston1867na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant confectionaryOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Bella BermanFwifeabt 186159Russia20 Howard St., Lewiston1879na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Benjamin L BermanMsonabt 189327Maine20 Howard St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia lawyer general practiceOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Lilian BermanFdaughterabt 189624Maine20 Howard St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia teacher common schoolW 7331920LewistonCensus
Edward BermanMsonabt 189822Maine20 Howard St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
David V. BermanMsonabt 190020Maine20 Howard St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Max SupovitzMheadabt 1870-7250Russia32 Howard St., Lewistonunn yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant tailorOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Gussie / Goldie SupovitzFwifeabt 1881-188238Russia32 Howard St., Lewiston1905na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Eva SupovitzFdaughterabt 190020Maine32 Howard St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia book keeper retail clothingW 7331920LewistonCensus
Bertha SupovitzFdaughterabt 1901 19Maine32 Howard St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia book keeper retail clothingW 7331920LewistonCensus
Nettie SupovitzFdaughterabt 190812Maine32 Howard St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Marion SupovitzFdaughterabt 19119Maine32 Howard St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Manual SupovitzMsonabt 1919-211Maine32 Howard St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Morris DenisetMheadabt 188238Russia48 Howard St., Lewiston1900na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant clothingOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Leah DenisetFdaughterabt 190812Maine48 Howard St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Samuel PerskyMboarderabt 189129Russia48 Howard St., Lewiston1907na yRussiaRussiaHebrewsalesman retail clothingOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Samuel / Simon EpsteinMheadabt 187050Russia289 Pine St., Lewiston1875na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant clothingOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Lily EpsteinFwifeabt 187545Russia289 Pine St., Lewiston1885na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Regina EpsteinFdaughterabt 188634Maine289 Pine St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia book keeper shoe factoryW 7331920LewistonCensus
Julius H. EpsteinMsonabt 189822Maine289 Pine St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia book keeper shoe factoryW 7331920LewistonCensus
Nathan H LewisMheadabt 188535Russia289 Howard St., Lewiston1895na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant retail clothingOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Dora L LewisFwifeabt 189030Rhode Island289 Howard St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Jason LewisMsonabt 19164Maine289 Howard St., Lewiston  n RussiaRhode Island none   7331920LewistonCensus
Ruth LewisFdaughterabt 1917-19182Maine289 Howard St., Lewiston  n RussiaRhode Island none   7331920LewistonCensus
[FirstNameNot Legiable] FinkelsteinMbrother-in-lawabt 189822Rhode Island289 Howard St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia salesman retail clothingW 7331920LewistonCensus
Abraham MandelsonMheadabt 187050Russia/Poland190 Pine St., Lewiston1870na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant retail clothingW 7331920LewistonCensus
Mollie MandelsonFwifeabt 188733Maine190 Pine St., Lewiston   yRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Samuel ScolnikMheadabt 1890-189130Russia225 Pine St., Lewiston1908pa yRussiaRussiaHebrewcanvasser cityW 7331920LewistonCensus
Sadie ScolnikFwifeabt 1890 or abt 189430Russia225 Pine St., Lewiston1902al yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Gilda ScolnikFdaughterabt 19164New York225 Pine St., Lewiston  n RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Ruby ScolnikMsonabt 19182Maine225 Pine St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Rose ScolnikFdaughterabt 1919 0.5Maine225 Pine St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Morris WheelerMheadabt 188040Russia6 Louds St., Lewiston1900na yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant retail clothingOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Milton WheelerMsonabt 1909-1011Massachusetts6 Louds St., Lewiston  yyRussiaGermany none   7331920LewistonCensus
Irene WheelerFdaughterabt 1911-129Massachusetts6 Louds St., Lewiston  yyRussiaGermany none   7331920LewistonCensus
Benjamin SupovitzMheadabt 1880-81 or abt 188639Russia26 Webster St., Lewiston1905na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Hebrewmerchant dry goodsOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Frances SupovitzFwifeabt 1885-8734Sweden26 Webster St., Lewiston1890na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Swedishnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Elinor / Ellen O SupovitzFdaughterabt 19119Maine26 Webster St., Lewiston  yyRussia (Hebrew)Sweden none   7331920LewistonCensus
Irving SupovitzMsonabt 19182Maine26 Webster St., Lewiston    Russia (Hebrew)Sweden none   7331920LewistonCensus
Edward S CortellMheadabt 188337Russia299 Pine St., Lewistonunun yRussiaRussiaHebrewmerchant retail garmentsOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Ethel CortellFwifeabt 188733Russia299 Pine St., Lewistonunun yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Marion CortellFdaughterabt 19137Maine299 Pine St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Ruth CortellFdaughterabt 19155Maine299 Pine St., Lewiston  yyRussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Dorothy CortellFdaughterabt 19191Maine299 Pine St., Lewiston    RussiaRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Hiram L LelanskyMheadabt 186159Russia/Poland244 Webster St., Lewiston1885na yRussia/PolandRussia/PolandHebrewpeddler fruitOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Ester LelanskyFwifeabt 186159Russia/Poland244 Webster St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/PolandHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Samuel H 'Sam' LelanskyMsonabt 189327Maine244 Webster St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/Poland shoe worker shoe factoryW 7331920LewistonCensus
Sarah LelanskyFdaughterabt 189624Maine244 Webster St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/Poland shoe worker shoe factoryW 7331920LewistonCensus
Nathan LelanskyMsonabt 189921Maine244 Webster St., Lewiston   yRussia/PolandRussia/Poland none   7331920LewistonCensus
Eva LelanskyFdaughterabt 190020Maine244 Webster St., Lewiston  nyRussia/PolandRussia/Poland stenographer war dept.W 7331920LewistonCensus
Joseph LelanskyMsonabt 190218Maine244 Webster St., Lewiston  yyRussia/PolandRussia/Poland none   7331920LewistonCensus
Hyman GlovskyMheadabt 189723Massachusetts142 Webster St., Lewiston  nyRussiaRussia merchant automotiesOA 7331920LewistonCensus
Rae E GlovskyFwifeabt 189525Russia142 Webster St., Lewiston1900na yRussiaRussiaHebrewnone   7331920LewistonCensus
Daniel B GlovskyMsonabt 19173Maine142 Webster St., Lewiston    MassachusettsRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Jacob GlovskyMsonabt 19191Maine142 Webster St., Lewiston    MassachusettsRussia none   7331920LewistonCensus
Harry L CohenMboarderabt 189426Maine142 Webster St., Lewiston  nyNew YorkNew York salesman clothingW 7331920LewistonCensus
[FatherOfJosephAndHarry] AdlerMhead 24Canada513 Sabattus St., Lewiston1902na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Englishprinter job officeW 7321920LewistonCensus - by inference
[MotherOfJosephAndHarry] AdlerFwife 24Canada513 Sabattus St., Lewiston1902na yRussia (Hebrew)Russia (Hebrew)Englishprinter job officeW 7321920LewistonCensus - by inference

Methodological note :

This data was culled from the original U.S. census manuscripts, as found on Jews are understood to constitute an ethnic group of Eastern and Central European origin characterized by common names and occupational pursuits, as well as a distinctive language. This definition lends itself well to analysis of the data preserved in census records.

Two primary methods were used to identify Jews:

1. Individuals born abroad whose mother tongue is "Yiddish," "Jewish," or "Hebrew" were automatically included in the spreadsheet, as were all members of their families.

2. For individuals born abroad whose mother tongue was another Eastern or Central European language (e.g., Russian, Polish, German), or individuals born in the U.S. with one or more parents from Eastern or Central Europe, we examined surnames, given names within a household, and occupations in light of common Jewish characteristics. This method of analysis is, of course, subject to inaccuracy, as we may have excluded Jews with uncommon names or occupations or included non-Jews whose characteristics appear Jewish. Individuals listed with the annotation "nj?" in the far right-hand column are those whose Jewish ancestry is plausible but questionable.

This method of analysis easily misses Jewish households whose members' parents were all born in the United States. In 1930 Maine, however, such households were quite rare. Special efforts were made to identify households of this nature in Portland, where they constituted less than 1% of identified Jewish households.

All members of a household containing a Jew are included in the spreadsheet, with the exception of Jewish lodgers and servants, who are listed individually. Household members who are evidently not Jewish (such as non-Jewish servants and some spouses or in-laws) are listed with the annotation "nj."

NB : In the census tables below ‘POB’ means ‘place of birth’ and ‘YOI’ means ‘year of immigration’.
There is a bit of historical difficulty with the answers to the questions about place of birth.
Some people replied with the name of the place when they left; others replied with the name of place when the census was taken; in other cases it just seems that it was easier for the census taker to write ‘Russia’ rather than Lithuania, Ukraine or other unfamiliar country names.
And there is another reason to be skeptical of the accuracy of the place of birth information. Immigrants from the Pale had a very justified fear of the Russian and often local governments. One way to manage this reality was to tell government representatives what they expected they wanted to hear or what they thought would bring them the least trouble. This may well explain why a number of family members, who were clearly from Eastern Europe, may have answered ‘Maine’ or ‘New York’.

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