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Israeli Fashion Show article

date not known - Portland Press Herald

Thank you to Karen Kornetsky Levine for the photo
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    back:  (Mrs. Edward) Jaffe left(Mrs. Daniel) Kornetsky  2nd from left; (Mrs. Abraham) Passman  3rd from left; Arnold (Mrs) Brynes  4th from leftHarry (Mrs) Van Dernoot  4th from right(Mrs. Saul) Gerber  3rd from right; (Mrs. Benjamin) Lourie  2nd from rightBen (Mrs) Schlafman  right;

    front :   Sybil Cohen ;   left     (Mrs. Jack) Clayman ;   2nd from left     (Mrs. Gerald) Sheriff ;   middle   (Mrs. Robert) Fish   2nd from right ;   (Mrs. Herbert) Lazarus   right ;

    :     Mark Cooper   ;     (Mrs. J. Martin) Geilman   ;     Carole Hyman   ;     (Mrs. Jules) Krems   ;     (Mrs. Lewis) Kriger   ;     Marilyn Levine   ;     Simon (Mrs) Levine   ;     David (Mrs) Nectow   ;     George (Mrs) Robinson   ;     Marilyn Schwartz   ;     (Mrs. Victor) Taylor   ;     (Mrs. Ben) Yormack   ;

    :   Barnett Shur   ;