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Penobscot Poultry Company date not known

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"I think the first Jewish family who settled in Belfast was a family named Kapiloff. They owned a pants factory. I had a friend related to the Kapiloffs. It was in that home where many of us went to a very small Hebrew school led by the rabbi from Bangor who came to town. My years in Belfast leave me with a very sweet memory. Even though there was a great deal of prejudice for all of us. The major industries in town were owned by Jews. The town had two poultry plants, one pants factory and a shoe factory. Many of us were sent off to boarding school to meet more Jews. By the late 1950s we started to go to Bangor for the holidays. We were from Malden, Mass. I moved there when I was four and there were no shuls. We ended up in Belfast because our family had cousins in the egg business in Biddeford. No one from the family is in Belfast anymore." M.R. #maplewoodpoultry #penobscotpoultry #belfastmaine #mainepoultry #jewishmaine

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“Jewish teens in Maine, such as Teddy Levine, often spent their evenings socializing on the dance floor, taking part in the typical American high school and college lifestyle. But Judaism was just as important to Teddy as his social life. Despite the fact that Teddy was popular on the dance floor, with every waltz, foxtrot, and one-step penciled in in his dance card, he never married - because he could not find a Jewish girl. In order to keep the religious community alive, Jews were expected to marry within the faith. Teddy’s brothers also were unable to find Jewish girls, so they never married.” #jewishmaine #dancecard #waterville #colbycollegespecialcollections #mainememorynetwork #1917

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