Index to Daily Life Interviews

edited and moderated by Miles de Kleck, Colby '14

Sources : DMJ and Portland Public Library oral histories

Title People Interviewed
Anti-Semitism Rus Bornstein, Dave Astor, Rita Weisberg
Eastern European Experiences Charlotte Shulman Siegal, Bella Cowan
Family Businesses Wilma Rose, Sid Cronsberg, Estelle Schlesinger Brooks
General Portland Experiences Barbara Epstein, Dave Astor
Getting to Portland Sid Cronsberg, Elliot Schwartz
Jewish Community Center Sid Cronsberg, Phil Levinsky, Rita Weisberg
Jewish Food and Kosher Barbara Epstein, Rita Weisberg, People Interviewed
Language Changes Estelle Brooks, Sid Cronsberg, Bella Cowen
Life on Munjoy Hill forthcoming
Parents' Early Jobs forthcoming
Portland High School forthcoming
School Changes forthcoming
Settling In forthcoming
Shabbat Activities forthcoming
Teachers forthcoming
Their Early Jobs forthcoming
Why Maine forthcoming
Zionist Activities forthcoming