This section of the Documenting Maine Jewry project has information on the communities of Auburn, Greene, Lewiston, Lisbon, Lisbon Center, Lisbon Falls , Mechanic Falls and Poland.
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Beth Abraham - 13 Torah covers and 3 Aron Kodesh curtains, 2012
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Originally the Jewish community of Lewiston-Auburn was divided into two congregations, one in Lewiston and one in Auburn. Now the twin cities are still served by those two congregations but they are both located in Auburn. The Congregations of Beth Jacob, Lewiston, and Beth Abraham, Auburn, were established in the 1920�s as Lewiston-Auburn�s first formal places of Jewish worship. These two congregations were preceded by a more informal place of prayer and religious education called a Schul, a Yiddish word derived from the German word for school. In addition to the two Synagogues, the community was served by the Jewish Community Center in Lewiston. In 1981, the Beth Jacob congregation merged with the Community Center to form a new institution that combines the role of its predecessors: The Temple Shalom Synagogue-Center. Both Temple Shalom and Beth Abraham are conservative congregations that offer many services to this day. It's Happening Here website , Jan 2010,
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