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Sigma Phi Sigma Sorority

date not known - private collection

Thank you to Lisa Bornstein Brand for the photo
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    front row, left to right  Lisa   Bornstein   Marta   Miller  Susan "Sue"   Silverhart  Susan   Bean  ;

    2nd row, left to right :   Ellen   Winner ;       Gail   Baker ;       Jane   Shalek ;       Ann   Silverman ;       Linda   Weiner ;  

    3rd row, left to right :     Cindy   Zallen   ;     Illy   Isaacson   ;     Mollie-Jane   Isaacson   ;     Beverly   Persky   ;     Marsha   Stein   ;     Norma   Cohen   ;     Ruth   Tapper   ;     Jane   Baker   ;     Margie   Gould   ;

    not pictured :   Herbert (Mrs)   Shalek   ;

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 Sigma Phi Sigma Sorority;
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