1917 Letter from Harry Cohen of Skawhegan [sic] to his sisters Leyke and Libe

translated by Roberta DiNitto, February 2011

translation arrangement : Amy Trombly's son , Matthew, who attends Northeastern University was able to get a translation of this letter. The head of NU's Jewish Studies Program's mother is in a Yiddish study group... and her Yiddish teacher has provided this translation.

Skawhegan, Maine June 16, 1917

Dear sisters Leyke and Libe, should live. We are, thank g-d, in the best of health, the same to hear from you in the the near future.

Further, I did receive from you several letters, and it is true that I didn't answer. Anyway, don't make me [feel] guilty, that is the way it is with me in writing. I like to receive letters always.

Anyway, what you ask, how things are by us - everything is alright. I sold my business, took in [earned] 2 thousand with 2 hundred with ninety 3 dollar with 50 cent. So I took in [received] $2,293.50.

Further, I can write you that I bought a building. One office moved into my lot.

Further, write me what is new with all of you. Father is alright. He is planning to travel to Boston.

Further, if both of you want to come to Skawhegan, come, but [during] the hot times, and [if] you need money, write me. There is right now no more news to write about.

From me your brother Hershel Kahn. Further, Leyke, write me if you see Libe often, if not, I'll write her a separate letter. If you see her, this letter will suffice for you both, because the price of stamps is going to be more expensive.

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