Jewish Camps in Maine 1926



CAMP ARDEH, P. O. Oakland, Me.
Alt. 250 ft.
Chester J. Teller, Eva M. Teller, 15 East 10th St., New York City.
For girls 10-16 Enr.70 Staff 18 Est. 1921 Fee $400.

Arden is a camp for Jewish girls, conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Teller. The diversified and well balanced program includes water sports, riding, woodcraft, nature study, athletics and dramatics. Considerable attention is paid to music. There arc trips to the White Mountains, and canoe trips around the Belgrade Lakes

THE BARTA CAMP, P. O. Casco, Me.
Alt. 600 ft. Elinor C. Burta, 6 Cabot St., Winchester, Mass.
For girls 7-17 Enr. Staff Est. 1926 Fee $325.

The Tiarta Camp, formerly (Camp Woodland Springs), opened in 1926, is owned and directed by Elinor C. Rarta, with whom are associated her brothers, Elliot as assistant director, and Winthrop as business manager. Miss Barla for five years previously had been director of Camp Winnemont, and before that was associated with the Cobbs at Wyonegonic. She has also taught at the Woodward School, Boston, and Miss Chapman's School, Pinehurst, N. C. White Mountain trips, canoe trips, nature study, riding and water sports are included in the camp activities, and attention is given to those athletics adapted lo the girl's ability. Crafts, photography, and dramatics are on the program, and a special feature is made of the camp chorus. (page 206)

CEDAR CREST CAMP, P. O. Oakland, Me.
Alt. 275 ft.
Dr. Joseph I. Gorfinkle, North Fulton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
For boys 7-17 Enr. Staff 18 Est. 1916 Fee $375

Cedar Crest, a large camp for Jewish boys, was founded by Dr. Gorfinkle, rabbi of Sinai Temple, Mt. Vernon. Recreational and educational features make up the program, and much is made of canoe trips on the Belgrade Lakes, the Kennebec river, and adjacent lakes. A trip is taken to the White Mountains. The patronagc includes boys from Canada as well as from all parts of the United Stales.

ECHO LAKE CAMP FOR GIRLS, P. O. R.F.D. 27, Readfield, Me.
Alt. 700 ft.
Letnora E, Stark, B.A., 525 West End Ave., New York City.
For girls 9-17 Enr. 70 Staff 15 Est. 1920 Fee $375.

The program at Echo Lake is varied by land and water sports, woodcraft, overnight camping trips, arts and crafts, dramatics, a camp chorus, and esthetic dancing. The region within thirty miles of the camp is covered by canoe trips and hikes. The camp does not observe any of the Jewish dietary laws, and there are always some gentiles.

Alt. 350 .
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Lehman, Estelle B. Daviclsburg, Highland Manor, Tarrytown, N. Y.
For girls 7-12, 12- 14, 15-19 Enr. 122 Staff 42 Est. 1910 Fee $400.

Since 1913 this camp, under the present directors, has occupied this site. Previously the same three had a camp in Connecticut, and as early as 1910 they had chaperoned a group of girls during a summer outing. Eugene H. Lehman, A.B., Yale '02, A.M., '08, formerly associated with the Sachs School, New York City, established in 1920 Highland Manor, a country boarding school for Jewish girls at Tarrytown, New York. Since 1919 Mr. Lehman has been active in the Camp Directors Association; he is also editor of "Camps and Camping". The Highland Nature Camps, with separate Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions, although non-sectarian in spirit, is largely patronized by prominent Jewish families. The program is well varied. Pottery, basketry and weaving, taught by experts, are among the arts and crafts. Trips arc taken to the White Mountains, and canoe trips up the Songo and Crooked rivers are featured. Much emphasis and ceremonialism is introduced into the camp fires. (pg 208)

CAMP JO-LEE, P. O. North Belgrade, Me.
Alt. 175 ft.
Mrs. Joseph C. Hyman, 92 Morningside Ave., New York City.
For girls 8-18 Enr. 64 Staff 14 Est. 1920 Fee $350

Camp Jo-Lee is a well established camp for Jewish girls, having a national patronage. The campers are housed in log cabins that are equipped with modern conveniences. Mrs. Hyman, formerly a teacher in the New York high schools, is the director. There are opportunities for canoe trips, hikes, and a trip to Canada. (pg 229)

CAMP KENNEBEC, P. O. North Belgrade, Me.
Alt. 3175 ft.
Louis M. Fleisher, Samuel G. Friedrnan, 28 South 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
For boys 13-17 Enr. 97 Staff 19 Est. 1906 Fee $400.

Kennebec is a camp for Jewish boys, with a national patronage. It is long established and well organized. There is an efficient staff of university trained men, including specialists in campcraft, woodcraft, horsemanship, and manual training. Aquatic meets and other athletic activities occupy most of July; and camping out, canoe, tramping and horseback trips are taken in August. The well planned program is varied by still other attractions. In 1925 Camp Kennesuncook, Chesuncook, Me.. was established as a unit for boys sixteen and over.

KENNEBEC JUNIOR, P. O. North Belgrade, Me.
Alt. 275 ft.
Louis M. Fleisher, Samuel G. Friedman, 38 South ryth St., Philadelphia, Pa.
For boys 10-13 Enr. 72 Staff 19 Est 1906 Fee ?40o.

Kcnnebec Junior is under the same management as Camp Kennebec

CAMP KODA, P. 0. Bridgton, Me.
Alt. 300 ft.
Ephraim Wcinstein, 432 Fort Washington Ave., New York City.
For boys Fee $325.

Koda is a large successful camp for Jewish boys conducted by Dr. Jacob M. Koss and Mr. Weinstein. Athletics and water sports are featured.

KAMP KOHUT, P. O. Oxford, Me.
Alt. 350 ft.
George A. Kohut, Ph.D., 220 West 87th St., New York City.
For boys 7-18 Enr. 130 Staff 20 Est. 1907 Fee $350

This is a well equipped recreation camp for Jewish boys, established by Dr. Kohut, founder of the Kohut School, Harrison, N.Y., who has been executive director of the Columbia Grammar School, New York City, since 1920. Frederic A. Alden, Henry Friedrich and Harry J. Kugel, all of the Kohul School, are associated as directors. (pg 226)

CAMP TAPAWINGO, P. 0. Harrison, Me.
Alt. 300 ft.
Effie Bendann, Hotel Wolcott, New York City. Dora Weil, ao2o Eutaw PL, Baltimore, Md,
For girls 12-18 Enr. 50 Staff 12 Est. 1921 Fee $400.

Tapawingo is a moderate sized camp for Jewish girls. The usual land and water sports have their part on the program

CAMP WALDEN, P. 0. Denmark, Me.
Alt. 500 ft.
Blanche Hirsch, B.S.s, Clara Altschul, 5 West 91st St., New York City.
For girls 12-18. Enr. 70 Staff 12 Est. 1916 Fee $450.

Walden, for Jewish girls, is conducted by Blanche Hirsch, principal of the Alcuin Preparatory School for Girls, New Vork City, and by Clara Altschul. The camp is well organized, and the program includes water sports, tennis, and overnight camping trips. Among the mountains climbed are Washington, Chocorua, Pequaket and Baldface. Canoe trips on Moose Pond and Saco and Kezar Lakes are featured. (pg 222)

CAMP WINNEBAGO, P. 0. Fayette, Me.
Alt. 325 ft.
Frederick L. Guggenheimer, B.A., 219 West 81st St., New York City.
For boys 10-18 Enr. 97 Staff 20 Est 1920 Fee $400.

Winnebago is a well organized camp for Jewish boys. Much attention is given woodcraft and nature study. There are canoe trips on the Allgash and Kennebec Rivers, and the Belgrade Lakes. There is also a trip to Mount Washington. Special attention is given to dramatics, the orchestra and camp chorus, and to manual training, but the usual land and water sports are not neglected. Each boy may have tutoring three hours a week.

CAMP WOODLANDS, P. O. Bridgton, Me,
Alt. 300 ft.
Mrs. Ray F. Schwartz, 31 West 110 St., New York City.
For girls 10-20 Enr 86 Staff 23 Est. 1921 Fee $375.

Woodlands, a camp for Jewish girls, has for its purpose the perfecting of physique and the development of personality. To this end are planned its various activities, such as nature lore, land and water sports, hikes and canoe trips, esthetic dancing, pageantry and dramatics, Batik, pottery and other arts and crafts are taught. Tutoring may be arranged.