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so, what is the definition of a Jewish business ?
DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
Name of Business Location Years Known to Operate (Year Ended) Sector
A E Greenblatt Bath edit
Albert G Page Company Bath edit
Arthur W Gediman Bath edit
B B C C Bath edit
Bargain Shoe Store Bath edit
Bath Department Store Center St Bath 1950s department stores edit
Bath Drug Store Bath 1946 edit
Bath Iron Works Bath on-going ship construction edit
Bath Savings Institution Bath Bath 1933 edit
Bath Variety Drug Store Bath 1947-1950 edit
Boston Clothing Store Bath edit
Boston Shoe Store Center St Bath 1950s shoe edit
Cogan Books Bath edit
Commercial Market originally on Commercial St off Front Bath 1950 a meat and grocery store edit
Congress Shirt Factory Middle St Bath 1950s clothes manufacturing edit
Congress Sportwear Company Middle St Bath 1950 c a small factory edit
Dougherty Drug Co Bath 1922 - 1923 edit
Filene's Bath Bath 1979 edit
Freeman's Bath jewelry store edit
Gediman Bros Bath edit
Goldsteins Bazaar Bath 1881 - 1883 edit
Greenblatts Bath 1947 - edit
Harmons Mens Store Front St Bath 1940s clothing edit
Harold J Rubin (law office) Bath 1936 - 1963 c edit
Harry Brown Pawnbroker Bath 1902 edit
Jacks Shoe Store Bath 1939-1975 retail shoes edit
M Singer Dry Goods Store Bath Bath edit
Markson Bros. Center St Bath 1950s clothiers edit
Max Kutz Bath 1928 - 1952 edit
Mikels' Furniture Front St Bath 1950s furniture edit
Mikelskys Music Store Bath music and musical supplies edit
Modern Shoe Bath 1912 - 1925 edit
Nathan F Petlock Junk, Inc off Leeman Highway at Franklin St Bath 1964 junk edit
Povich’s Men Shop Front Street Bath 1950 - 2011 clothing edit
Prawer's Bath wholesale produce company edit
S . Mikelsky Bath edit
S A Isaacson Bath 1884 edit
S J Goldstein Bath 1880 - 1882 edit
Sam's Place (now 2295) South End Bath 1940s 1951 Bath’s most famous lobster grill in the South end : NathanCoganBathHistory edit
Sams Sandwich Bar Bath 1946 - 1947 edit
Samuel Povich Bath 1922-1932 edit
Sherman Clothier Bath 1951 - 1954 edit
Solovich Clothing Store Bath clothing edit
Standard Cloak and Dry Goods Bath 1905- 1918 edit
Standard Furniture Bath 1918 - 1931 edit
The Center Street Market Bath 1950s a small grocery edit
The Cut Price Market Bath 1919 - 1967 edit
The Mademoiselle Shop Bath 1950s edit
Uptown Theater Bath 1948 theater edit
Variety Store (Bath) Center at Washington Bath 1940s general store edit

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