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DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
Name of Business Location Years Known to Operate (Year Ended) Sector
210 State St Bangor 1949 edit
A Brown 35 Spring St Brewer 1955 junk edit
Adco Medical Supply Bangor 2012 edit
Allan Lewis Bangor 2012 - to date (2014) edit
Allen Drug Co. NotKnown 1949 retail drug store edit
Allen Fairmount Pharmacy Bangor 1949 pharmacy edit
Allen's Drug Bangor retail pharmacy edit
Allen's East Side Bangor edit
Allen-Lewis Men\'s Store Bangor 1939-1989 edit
Allstate Equipment Corp Bangor 1949 edit
Automatic Music Bangor edit
B-Gas Bangor edit
Balloons Overhead Bangor edit
Bangor Beef Co. Bangor beef edit
Bangor Candy Bangor candy manufacture edit
Bangor Drive-In Theatre Bangor 1985 until 2015 when reopened by daughter Carol theater edit
Bangor Egg Co Bangor food edit
Bangor Five Aces Bangor 2012 edit
Bangor Kosher Meat Market 3 Essex St Bangor 1955 prime meats and poultry edit
Bangor Merchant's Association Bangor edit
Bangor Rye Bread Bangor bakery Carolyn Busch Ehrlich edit
Bangor Shoe Store 29 Mercantile Sq Bangor 1955 shoe edit
Bangor Window Co 47 Park St Bangor Windows and siding edit
Ben Braveman Tire Shop Bangor 1949 retail tire edit
Benny's Bangor 1949 edit
Berson's Luncheonette Bangor restaurant edit
Boise Funeral Home Bangor edit
Bon Win Beverage Bangor 1949 beverage edit
Boston Shoe Store Bangor 1955 shoe edit
Boston Store, Bangor 1960 edit
Brass Rail Restaurant 202 Exchange St Bangor 1955 restaurant edit
Burdell's Inc Bangor 1949 edit
Byer Mfg. Co Bangor, Old Town, Orono Still in operation (2017) edit
C.W.Clare and Company Hammond Street Bangor 1988 Pipes,tobacco,gifts Frank and Marcella Glazier, Alan Glazier edit
Carroll Cut Rate Bangor 1960 retail pharamacy edit
clothing business on Kenduskeag Bridge, Bangor Bangor 1886 clothing edit
Cortell-Segal Bangor edit
Cortell-Segal Women's Clothing Bangor women's clothing edit
Crown Jewelers 13 Main St Bangor 1955 retail jewelry edit
Crystal Spring Water Corp 27 Columbia St Bangor 1949 water bottling edit
Cutler's Embroidery Bangor 2012 edit
Cutler's Women Shop Bangor women's clothing edit
Dabar Beauty Supply Bangor cosmetic supplies edit
Dave Sklar Clothing Bangor retail clothing edit
David Braidy Women\'s Clothing Bangor women's clothing edit
Dennis Beverage Co Bangor soft drinks edit
Dennis Paper Co Bangor paper manufacturing edit
Dewey Christmas Rug Shop Bangor Bangor edit
Dodge Clothing Bangor 1949 edit
Eastern Beauty Supply Bangor cosmetic supplies edit
Eastern Furniture Company Bangor furniture edit
Eastern Furniture, Bangor Gas Co. Bangor edit
Economy Clothing Bangor clothing edit
Economy Meat Market Bangor 1949 retail meats edit
Edward A Viner & Co. Bangor edit
Edward I Morris Bangor 1949 edit
Ehrenfried's Department Store Bangor Bangor 1938 edit
Emple Knitting Mills 564 Wilson Street, Bar Harbor Road Rt. 1A Bangor clothing manufacturing edit
Enterprise Shoe Bangor retail shoe edit
Epstein Real Estate Bangor 2012 edit
Fairmount Hardware Bangor hardware edit
Family Podiatry of Maine Bangor medicine edit
Fred's Hardware Bangor hardware edit
Freese's Bangor edit
Friedman Furniture Co 154 Exchange St Bangor 1955-1965 retail furntirue edit
G M Pollack Bangor edit
Gass Office Supply Bangor office supplies edit
George's Men's Clothes Bangor men's clothing edit
Gopin and Rolnick Equipment Co Inc 1670 Broadway Bangor 1964 1986 Farm and Industrial Equipment edit
Gotlieb & Rolnick Hancock St Bangor 1933 - 1965 meat market and groceries For a time, there were two Gottlieb & Rolnick meat markets. One was Kosher. One was not kosher. There were four owner/partner/founders: Jacob Rolnick, Morris Gottlieb, Louis Gottlieb, Peter Gottlieb. edit
Green Point Slaughter House Bangor 1949 meat edit
Greens Novelty Store Bangor 1949 edit
Grey Ladies Bangor women's clothing edit
Gross, Minsky & Mogul Bangor law firm edit
Grossman Hardware and Locksmith Bangor 1952 - 1981 1981 hardware Owned by Philip Grossman, opened in 1952, closed upon his retirement in 1981 edit
H Goodman & Sons Bangor 1923 shoe makers edit
H Tabenken & Co Inc Bangor 1955 edit
Haffrenreffer Co Bangor edit
Hammond Motors Hammond Street Bangor 1966 automobile sales edit
Harlow Street Norge Bangor 2012 edit
Harold's NotKnown 1949 edit
Harry Gedal\'s Store Bangor edit
Harry's Café NotKnown 1949 café edit
Henry Segal Bangor edit
Home Radio and Furniture Co 40 Broad St Bangor 1955 radios and furniture edit
Hub Shoe Store Bangor retail - shoe edit
Interstate Home Equipment Co. NotKnown 1949 edit
J Peavy and Brothers (Bangor) Bangor 2016 edit
Jacob and Sam Cohen Store Bangor edit
Janet's Photo Shop Bangor photograph services edit
John Paul Clothing Store Bangor clothing edit
Josten's Bangor edit
Kagan's Store NotKnown 1949 edit
Kirstein's Real Estate Bangor real estate edit
Laeger Accounting Firm GB Bangor edit
Lavbott (?) Bakery Bangor 1949 bakery edit
Levine's Store NotKnown 1949 edit
Lieberman & Rich Bangor 1923 edit
Lieberman's Clothing Bangor clothing edit
Liggett-Rexall Pharmacy GB Bangor 2012 edit
Louis Saltzman Clothing Bangor clothing edit
Lown & Kagan Shoe co Bangor shoe manufacturing ok edit
Lufkins Bangor 1949 edit
Maine Poultry Bangor food edit
Maine State Congress - Bangor Bangor Bangor 2011 edit
Maine Trailer Leasing Bangor trailer rental edit
Manhattan Jewelers Bangor jewelry edit
Meat Market Hancock Street Bangor meat and foods edit
Medwed Footwear Bangor 1949 manufacturing shoes edit
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Bangor 1930 - to date(2014) insurance edit
Midget Lunch Bangor 2012 edit
Mike's Lunch Bangor restaurant edit
Miller Drug Bangor pharamcy edit
Miller's Restaurant Bangor restaurant edit
Morin Tobacco Co Bangor tobacco edit
Morris Tabenken & Co. Bangor 1949 edit
N. J. Cohen and Sons Bangor edit
National Confectionery Bangor sugar edit
NE Publishing Co Bangor 1949 edit
New Essex Variety Store State St Bangor Variety store edit
New York Syndicate Store Bangor edit
Nyle Corp Bangor edit
O. Rolnick & Son Bangor 1949 edit
O. Rolnick and Sons South Main St Brewer 1981 Auto wrecking - Used auto parts edit
Olympia Theater Bangor theater edit
Oronoka Restaurant Bangor restaurant edit
Oscar's Restaurant Bangor 1965 Restaurant edit
Oscars Lunch Bangor restaurant edit
Paramount Restaurant Bangor 1949 restaurant edit
Park Theater Bangor theater edit
Pels Zipper Bangor zipper manufacturing edit
Penobscot Auto Parts NotKnown 1949 retail auto supplies edit
Penobscot Beef and Provision Company Bangor wholesale meat and foods edit
Penobscot Motor Express 212 Garland Bangor transport edit
Penobscot Salvage Co 190 Washington Bangor 1955 junk edit
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. Union St. Bangor 1930 1965 beer distributor and soda mfr. Narragansett Beer distributor and Pepsi and Cliquot Club mfg. co. edit
Peter's Fashion Center GB Bangor 2012 edit
Philco Shoe Corp Bangor 1949 shoe edit
Philip's Variety Store GB Bangor edit
Picture and Gift Co State st Bangor Cards and Gifts edit
Pilgrim Shoe Co. Bangor 1997 shoe manufacturing edit
Pilot & Pilot Bangor 1955 law firm edit
Pinewood Country Club Bangor edit
Priest Drug Store Bangor retail pharmacy edit
Purest (?) Drug Bangor 1949 drug store edit
Rapaport Lincoln-Mercury GB Bangor 2012 edit
Revlon Bangor 2012 edit
Richardson's Variety Bangor variety store edit
Rubin Brothers Bangor 1923 edit
Rudman and Winchell Harlow St Bangor law firm edit
Rudman Beverage Co Bangor soft drinks edit
Salco Variety Store Bangor 1949 variety edit
Sam Stern's Antiques Bangor antiques edit
Sawyer Management Services Bangor management services edit
Silver's Auto Supply GB Bangor 2012 edit
Sklar's Delicatessen Bangor food edit
Sklars Meat Market Bangor retail meat edit
Sons of Benjamin Bangor 1938 edit
Standard Electric Bangor electrical services edit
Standard Shoe Company 48 Main Bangor "Maines largest shoe company" owner Schiro - Rhoda Rudman Cohen (email Oct 2013) edit
Star Beef Bangor 1949 beef edit
State Street cafe State Street Bangor 1941 1959 edit
Stevens Studios Bangor edit
Striar Woolen Mills Bangor manufactring edit
Striar's Jewelry Store Bangor jewelry edit
Striar's Plumbing Bangor plumbing edit
Sunset Drug Bangor retail pharmacy edit
Superior Paper Products Bangor edit
Tabenken Bros Bangor edit
Tante Ittel Group Bangor 0 edit
The Bagel Shop Bangor food edit
The Bell Shop Bangor edit
The Dainty Waist Bangor clothing edit
The Karol Shop Bangor edit
The Maine Coat Town Bangor edit
The Outlet (Everybody\'s Store) Bangor variety store edit
The Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co (Bangor) Bangor 1930s edit
The Picture and Gift Shop Bangor edit
The Red Lion Bangor edit
The Star Store Bangor edit
United Beef Company Bangor wholesale meat edit
Viner Casuals Bangor clothing edit
Viner Music Bangor music edit
Viner Shoe Company Bangor shoe manufacturing edit
W. Lipsky's Clothing Bangor Bangor 1900 edit
Wagman's Bangor edit
White Front Store Bangor small grocery store edit
Windsor Hotel Bangor 1949 hotel edit
Yellow Cab Co Bangor taxi service edit
___? Barber Co. Bangor 1949 barber edit

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