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so, what is the definition of a Jewish business ?
DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
City Business Name Years Known to Operate (Year ended) Sector
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A E Greenblatt
Albert G Page Company
Arthur W Gediman
Bargain Shoe Store
Bath Department Store Center St 1950s department stores
Bath Drug Store 1946
Bath Iron Works ship construction
Bath Savings Institution Bath 1933
Bath Variety Drug Store 1947-1950
Boston Clothing Store
Boston Shoe Store Center St 1950s shoe
Cogan Books
Commercial Market originally on Commercial St off Front a meat and grocery store
Congress Shirt Factory Middle St 1950s clothes manufacturing
Congress Sportwear Company Middle St 1950 c a small factory
Dougherty Drug Co 1922 - 1923
Filene's Bath 1979
Gediman Bros
Goldsteins Bazaar 1881 - 1883
Greenblatts 1947 -
Harmons Mens Store Front St 1940s clothing
Harold J Rubin (law office) 1936 - 1963 c
Harry Brown Pawnbroker 1902
Jacks Shoe Store 1939-1975 retail shoes
M Singer Dry Goods Store Bath
Markson Bros. Center St 1950s clothiers
Max Kutz 1928 - 1952
Mikels' Furniture Front St 1950s furniture
Mikelskys Music Store music and musical supplies
Modern Shoe 1912 - 1925
Nathan F Petlock Junk, Inc off Leeman Highway at Franklin St junk
Povich’s Men Shop Front Street 1950 - 2011 clothing
S . Mikelsky
S A Isaacson 1884
S J Goldstein 1880 - 1882
Sam's Place (now 2295) South End 1940s Bath’s most famous lobster grill in the South end : NathanCoganBathHistory
Sams Grocery 465 Middle St 1922-1954
Sams Sandwich Bar 1946 - 1947
Sherman Clothier 1951 - 1954
Solovich Clothing Store clothing
Standard Cloak and Dry Goods 1905- 1918
Standard Furniture 1918 - 1931
The Center Street Market 1950s a small grocery
The Cut Price Market 1919 - 1967
The Mademoiselle Shop 1950s
Uptown Theater 1948 theater
Variety Store (Bath) Center at Washington 1940s general store

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