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so, what is the definition of a Jewish business ?
DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
City Business Name Years Known to Operate (Year ended) Sector
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A B C Cleaners 2000
ABC Electric 142 High St electrical services
Advance Paper 323 Commercial St
American Clothing Company Middle St clothing
Anatek - EP 2013
Arden Shop market
Art Upholstering Co furniture
B & B Cleaners 6 Washington St cleaners
B E Cole Co 1955
B. Levi & Co 439 Fore ST
Barridoff Galleries 2004
Barry's Department Store Congress St department store
Beacon Oil Co Kensington oil supplies
Berenstein Bros 1889 - 1891 clothing
Bernie's Fashion 492 Congress St retail clothing
Bernie's Meat Market 47 Ocean St sold kosher meats in 1980s, 1990s)
Bernstein & Jacobson Commercial St ship chandlers
Bernstein Bros Clothings and Furnishings 366 and 399 Fore St clothing and furnishings
Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer and Nelson (BSSN) 1915 - to date (2014) law firm
Blumenthal & Sons Meat Market GP 1972
Blumenthal Kosher Butcher Portland 2015
Blumethal Bros meat market
Boston Fruit Market retail grocery
Boston Kosher Meat Market Middle St, then Stevens Ave Butcher; small grocery
Boston Shoe Store shoe
Brackett Street Cash Market GP 1932
Brem Surrenden Street Plumber
Brighton Pharmacy 1933 pharmacy
Bros Shoe Repairing Co retail shoe
Burrows Corporation
Carlbert Fabrics 476 Fore Street 1940s wholesale and retail fabric store
Carole-Joy Bridal Shop Congress Street 10 years Bridal gowns
Carter's Jewelry jewelry
Casco Bank & Trust Co 1940 - 1968 banking
Casco Bay Lines Custom House Wharf 1955 ferry transport
Casco Botting Co soft drinks
Century Tire 2015
Charley's on the Square 23 Monument Sq 34 Restaurant/Lunch Counter
Charley's on the Square 23 Monument Square Restaurant/Lunch Counter
Chude's Grocery 1933 retail grocery
Cinamon Brothers 2011
Cope and Cope on-going
Coronet Shirtwaist Manufacturing Company Middle St shirtwast manufacturing
Cox & Greenstein 1934
Cronsberg Paint Congress St retail paint
Cross Jewelers 1973
Crystal Barber Shop 671 Congress St barber
Cumberland Club 2015
Cumberland Cold Storage Co 1945 - 1946 food storage
Cutler & Cutler / Cutler Bros 100 Middle St electrical contractors
Dave's Calso Station 1953 gas station
Day's Jewelry Store 489 and 559 Congress St jewelry
Devine & Devine 85 Exchange St law office
Diamon Brothers 34-36 Market St
Dube Travel Agency 1973
E. Cohen & Co 364 Fore St
Eastland Hotel 1954
Economy Center 247 Congress 5 Family clothing
Empire and Strand theatres theaters
Enterprise Mattress Co Cross St mattresses
F & L Super Market St. John St 1953 supermarket
F&L Food Mart 1949-1960
Falmouth Hotel hotel
Famous Brand Shoes 12 Forest Ave shoes
Federal Furniture Co 1933 furniture
Feldman Drug Store Munjoy Hill pharacmacy
Fessenden's 1973
Fine Brothers (Hyman & Nathan) 152-154 Commercial St barrels / junk
Finks Brothers (Abraham, Harry & Louis J. Finks) 235 Middle St boots and shoes
First Portland National Bank GP
Fleet Bank
Full Belly Deli Brighton Ave. Deli/sit down/take out/catering
George's restaurant - deli
Gerber Insurance Agency (Maurice H & John) 97 Exchange St insurance
Ginsburg B & Son 127 Middle St
Gleichman & Co 1987
Globe Vacuum Stores retail repairs
Goldberg's Bakery 1934 bakery
Goldman and Lonstein 434 Fore St junk
Goodman & Sons Marginal Way
Goodwill Industries 1968
Goody Shop
Gordon's Men's Shop Monument Sq
Gordon's Mens Clothing
Gould-Farmer Co. 1933
Grand Trunk Garage 1934 garage
Gray Gull Gift Shop Congress St gift shop
Graymore Hotel hotel
Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea retail food
Greenberg Bros 177 Middle St
Guardian Finance Co / Guardian Credit Congress St
Guardian Loan Co, Portland, Me
H J Plumbing Co 5 Washington Ave plumbing
Harris & Sons 120 Middle St "shoe findings"
Health Drug 1953 retail - pharmacy
Helfont Tire Co 173 Kennebec tire
Helfont Used Car and Parts Kennebec St auto industry
Herman A Bag Co 151-153 Commercial St bag
Home Federal Savings & Loan Association 1968 savings and loan
Home Good 2015
Hub Furniture 436-440 Congress St 1923 - to date (2014) furniture
Investors Diversified Services 1953
J E Palmer Co 1933
J W Minott and Co. 1933
Jackson Labs 2015
Jacob Thurman Co. 1997
James Fruit Company wholesale fruit
Jason Company India St.
Jewish Ministers Cantors' Association of New England 1984
Joe Wigon 18 Free St
Johnson Supply plumbing and electrical supply
joy'S ROOT BEER 401 FORE ST. bottled beverage
Kadish Brothers & Co (22 Becket and 148 Middle St) 1933 - 1997
Kerchief Co 148 Middle St 1926
Klamen's 2011
Kuvents Tailor shop tailoring
L Goldberg 1921
L Goldberg Ladies Tailoring & Dressmaking shop Portland 1912
L H Schlosberg Furs & Skins furs and kins
L. Blumenthal Middle Street Butcher
Lafayette Hotel hotel
Lait's Paint and Wallpaper Brown St paint and wallpaper retail store
Lamport Beverage beverage
Lamport Oil Co 206 Congress St oil
Lancaster Furniture First on Lancaster st., then Middle street 1944-1974 furniture
Law Office of Joe Bornstein law firm
Levenson, Levenson, and Vickerson on-going
Levinsky Congress St 1919 - 1990 c family clothing and Footwear
Lewis Beaty Shops Inc 97a Exchange St
Lewis Garage 63 Federal St storage
Livingstons Clothing Store clothing
Logan Paint and Decorating Center 1973
Louis Blumenthal Meat Market 82 Middle Street Kosher Meats
Louis Seavy's kosher deli Portland
Louis' Jewelry and Gift Shop jewelry and related products
Louis' Trading Post retail
M Clothing Co 565 Congress, Rm 206 clothing
M Sacknoff & Sons Inc 446 Fore St
M Silver & Sons
M Winer Co 1934
Mack's Hardware and Paint Store 416 Congress St retail hardware
Maine Beauty & Supply Co Middle St cosmetic supplies
Maine Bedding & Furniture Preble St retail furniture
Maine Camera Center cameras
Maine Central Railroad transport
Maine Coal Company Inc 320 Commercial St 1928 coal
Maine Furniture Storage Company 30 Danforth St 1906 storage
Maine Hardware Congress St 1930s - to date (2017) hardware store
Maine Motors co 401 Forest Ave 1955 fine used cars and trucks
Maine Paint Co 148 Middle St paint
Maine Printing co 19 Temple St printing and publishing
Maine Rubber International, Westbrook car tires
Maine Saving Bank
Maine Uphostering Co 36 Union St furniture
Malco Inc
Mann's Furniture furniture
Marcus, Clegg and Mistretta PA GP
Markson Brothers 504 Congress 1922 clothing
Maurice A Branz & Co
Maurice The Tailor "Shop" tailoring
Max's Dairy and Delicatessen Store 1934 restaurant - deli
Merdek's Variety Store 260 St Johns St general store
Minat Corporation 34 Preble St, home builders
Minkin's Pharmacy Congress Street Pharmacy
Mitchell, Nathan, and Arthur Cope - contractors of Longfellow Woods GP 2000
MK Co 148 Middle St
Model Food 115 Middle St food specialties
Model Market 2011 retail grocery
Morris Clothes Shop 247 Middle St retail clothing
Mort Ross Shoes shoes
Mountfort Coal Co 100 Middle coal
Myrtle Pharmacy 169 Oxford St pharmacy
N.E. Grain Co 390 Commercial St Animal grain and feed
Nash Dealership 1938
Nelson & Small 68 Union St 1949 -to date(2014) transport
New England Feed Co Commercial St 1930 - 1957
New York Clothing Store 128 Middle St and 459 Fore Street clothing
Oakdale Auto Co 1955
Outlet Stores in St Stephens
P Reuben & Co 252 Bracket St
P. Silverman and Son 476 Fore Street early 1900s originally a wool waste business then fabrics
Palestine Economic Corp 1929
Paul's Family Shoe Store 1973
Penny Wise Market 2012
Pine State Beef beef
Pine Tree Printing printing
Pinewood Manufacturing Co
Plummer's Insurance Agency 18 Casco ST 1955
Porteous, Mitchell & Braun retail clothing
Portland Appliance Service Center TV and appliance repairs
Portland Candy Co candy
Portland Copper Works 1933
Portland Overall Co. 1933
Portland Press Herald 1862 - to date (2014) newspaper
Portland Savings Bank 1997 banking
Portland Tourist Co, 142 High St
Potters Furniture 24-26 Preble St 50 Furniture
Progressive Printing Co 69 Union St printing
Regal Kosher Restaurant & Delicatessen 181 Middle Street restaurant - deli
Reliable Furniture retail furniture
Reuben Plumbing co plumbing
Rice's Bakery 1950 bakery
Rines Bros. and Sears. jewelry
Robinson Bros. Clothing
Roger's Portland 2015
Romanow Furniture 39 Forest Ave retail furniture
Rosenberg Bros. Continental Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods House 373 Fore retail clothing
Ross Jewelry and Antiques jewelry
S J Agger Clothing 295 Deer Street 1905 Clothing Store
S Zulofsky Bakery 22 Hampshire St bakery
S.Levi and Co 1890
Sam's Superette Munjoy Hill
Samuel Davis Clothing, Furnishing and Jewelry 330 Fore St retail general
Schreiber lawyers
Schwartz & Schwartz 482 Congress St
Seaveys Franklin Street Grocery Store
Service Oil Co, Inc 1953 oil
Shatz's Market 2 Grant Street Neighborhood grocery store
Shoe Repairing Co 634 Congress St shoe
Shwartz & Rosenberg 1934
Sid Lerman / Korn Kings
Sneider Sales grocery store
Southworth Machine Co Preble St metal working
Standard Grocery Co. 1997 food
State Hardware 1953 hardware
Stop and Go Drive In variety store
Strand Theater (Portland) 1935 theater
Sukowitch Hardware 2011 hardware
Swearingen Motors Co 295 Forest Ave 1955 Lincoln, Mercury : sales and service
T J Maxx Portland 2015
Tarr's Market Libby Town 1930s to 1963 grocery
The Carvel Company 2013
The Center Workshop 0
the Jacob Thurman Co. 1997
The Jayson Co 13 Exchange St 1947 druggist supplies
The Movies 2015
The Young Set
Tommys Hardware and Dive Shop, hardware and sporting goods
Town Taxi Co 1953 transport
Triangle Window Company 2013
Union Mutual Life insurance Co. insurance
United Clothing Co Middle St clothing
Verrill Dana
Victor Talking Machine Co
Village Variety Store Redbank general store
Waterman Jewelry Store Portland 1920
Wayside Furniture retail furniture
Weinman Bros. 1934
William Punsky and Sons Burlap and Cotton Bag Company 2013
Woodford Club 1984
Woodfords Hardware hardware store
Worcester Salt
Young's Furniture Furniture
Z Boxstein & Sons 424 Fore St
Zayres Portland 2015
Zeitman Grocery 2011 retail grocery
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Dunes Motel motel
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South Portland
Charles Motor Mall Charlie's Subaru automotive
Fairchild Semi-Conductor on-going
New England Shipbuilding Company 1944
S Bernstein & Sons 60 B St real estate
UNUM on-going insurance
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Westbrook Hardware Main St 1944 to 2000s closedretail hardware
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General Store 1910 - 1920s c 1920s circaretail - general
Warren Furniture (Westbrook) furniture
Yudy’s Tires retail tires

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