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so, what is the definition of a Jewish business ?
DMJ takes a wide view. A Jewish business is one that is primarily owned by Jews, one that is managed by Jews, or one that employes a good number of Jewish workers>
City Business Name Years Known to Operate (Year ended) Sector
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Old Town
A J Goldsmith store 1965
A J Men's Clothing 10 N Main St 1907 retail clothing
Ben Sklar Inc (now 4226) 107 Center St 1928
Bernard Goldberg 144 N Main St dry goods store
Cutler Men\'s and Women\'s Furnishings 70 N Main St 1895 clothing
Cutler's North Main Street, clothing store
Cutler's Women's Shop women's clothing
Goldsmith Furniture 228 N Main St 1916 retail furniture
H M Goldsmith Women's Clothing 76-78 North Main St 1915 women's clothing
Harry Goldberg Tailor Shop 43 Oak St tailor
Hoos' Market 110 North Main St food
Kinkow Brothers Tailors and Clothiers 152 N Main St tailors and clothing
Louis Sklar men's clothing store 136 N. Main St men's clothing
Old Town Hardware Center St, then in 1958 at 220 North Main St 1920 hardware
Old Town Shoe Company 1955 shoe manufacturing
Penobscot Shoe Company 1955 shoe manufacturing
Penobscot Trading Post 88 North Main St 1940 general store
Shiro's Old Town Hardware Co 222 North Main St 1958 hardware
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Byer Manufacturing Co
Ginsberg Variety Store general store
Moose River Shoe Co. 1949 shoe manufacturing
Orono Meat Market 1949 retail meat
Oronoka Restaurant Restaurant
Silver Sale Stable 1949 fur

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