Census of the Chevra Mishnayot, Portland - 1906

Translated by
Rabbi Harry Sky and Barry Tracy (Summer 2010) and
Charles Brand (Spring 2011)

This is the Pinkas [record book]

of the Khevrah Mishnayot

of Portland, Me

that was founded

on Shimini Atzeret

in the year of 5662 [1902]


Israel Moshe

son of

Shlomo Bloch
[The By-Laws of the organization. (1) ]

This is the discipline [procedures] to be performed, according to the concordance of [established by] all the [Mishn�yos] Community for strengthening the Torah and studying it, and Its dependents will flourish.

1. Each one of the Community is obligated to come every Holy Sabbath at the fixed time, without fail, to study.

2. Each one of the Community is also obligated to strengthen the Mishn�yos Community monetarily, to give ten cents monthly to the officers, paying [collecting] the money assiduously.

3.When one of the Community dies [expires � God spare us!], the Community is obligated to conduct prayer in Minyan (quorum ( in his home all seven days of mourning, morning and evening.

4.When one of the Community dies, the Community is obligated to recite Qaddish every Holy Sabbath, following the studying, for the entire year, to memorialize his soul,.

Notes :

(1)1 This appears to be a draft. Someone, possibly Rabbi Chaim Shochet, has penciled n proposed modifications (brought down here as italics). Band (pp. 25, 31) implies that this khevrah (�group�, �organization�, �community�) originated under Shochet. It continued at Etz Chaim congregation under Shochet and others who had seceded from Shaarey Tphiloh, which maintained its own Khevrah Mishn�yos into the early 1950s. The latter congregation also had a Khevrah Shas and a Khevrah T�hillim, the former established in the early 1890s (Band, 21). The community-wide Khevrah Qadishah (burial society), founded in 1875 ( Band, 12) still exists. I do not know that the first two Khevort they had the same expanded social function as this khevrah. The rabbinical Hebrew is elegant and simple (unlike the translation!), just as the script is exquisite. The members are voluntarily establishing a community within a community, for purposes they consider basic.

5. Women may enroll in this Community, and following one�s departure from the world, the Community is obligated to recite Qaddish to memorialize her soul every Holy Sabbath after studying.

6.Each one of the Community is admonished not to desecrate the Sabbath, according to the dictum of our sages of blessed memory, (2) �Study is significant, for it affects behavior.�

7. The officers are obligated to collect the funds from the members on a monthly basis, and scrutinize credits and debits until the close of each full year, (which runs) from the Succos holy-day, until the next Succos � may it be a good year!

8. Semiannually the officers are obligated to arrange a banquet for this entire Community: on Sh�mini-Atzeret and on [the Sabbath when the Torah section that is recited is] Mishpatim (3) ; and each one is obligated to have an �aliyah' (4) on that Sabbath.

Notes :

(2) Pencil annotation for this section: �nit shy�ikhin� : �unnecessary� (to include in Bylaws).

(3)Exodus 21:1 � 24:18, the crux of Torah social legislation, and the ultimate warrant for this type of organization.

(4) To recite over the Scroll the benedictions before and after the recitation of one of the sections into which the Sabbath recitation is divided � generally seven, plus an eight (maftir � repetition of the last verses of the seventh section) .

9. If one of the Community does not attend study for two months consecutively, he forfeits his privileges � all those mentioned above � except for extenuating circumstance (God spare us!).

10.Every man and woman who wishes to come to enroll in this community following the three consecutive months after the Succos holy-days, must first appear before the officers, and pay four sheqels (5) upon entering, for each month � just as all members do.

In the merit of the Torah, let God move us from darkness to light, and may we all merit life, amen.

I, the youth among the Mishn�yos Community, made [wrote] this as an eternal memorial and for beauty.

�This is my name and memorial for generation unto generation�. (6)

The groom Man�e [Emmanuel?] Ya�aqov ben Reb Avraham Yitzkhaq Weinstein, may his light endure!, native of Oran (Lithuanian: Varena), Vilna Gibernya [county], Russia.

Notes :

(5) The term shekel is being used metaphorically. The dime �back then� was a silver coin, at least; but all known permutations of the Semitic shekel, Roman libra, or Greek drachma weighed considerably more.

(6) Probably a paraphrase of Exodus 3:15: �This is my name forever, and this is how you shall name me [memorialize, repeat my name] throughout all generations.� This might allude to the Torah (Pentateuch, Primal Torah), as the �name� and the Mishn�yos (�Second Torah�) as the �memorial� or traditional exposition.

1. Israel Moshe Bloch

2. Mordechai Arieh Itelson [Mordechai Yittelson ]

3. Chaim Dov Wolf

4. Michael Schkolnik [probably Scolnik]

5. David Graff [or David S Graff ]

6. Immanuel Yitchak (Isaac) [small text under name is not translated]

7. Mendel Robinson

8. Avraham Bernstein (probably Abe Bernstein )

9. Avraham Itzchak son of Chaim Yaakov Weinstein

10. His son Manne [Immanuel] Yaakov, his son "the Hatan"

11. Yaakov Brandz [Jacob Brantz]

12. Dov Ginsburg

13. (deceased) Michael Mordechai Glassman-Cantor Schochet

14. Isaiah Berman

15. Schlomo Yitzchak Santotzke [probably Solomon Santosky]

16. Fiyval Silverman

17. Yisrael Davis

18. Abraham Isaac Rodman

19. Schlomo Bernstein

20. Sussman Mack [probably Zissel Mack ]

21. Benyamim Mack

22. Zev ha-Levi Levin

23. Dov Bernstein

24. Dov Berenson

25. Zerach Taylor "Shine"

26. Max Blumenthal

27. Morris Silverman

28. Lipman Sapolsky

29. Abraham Goldman

30. Moshe Zeev ha-Levi

31. Eliazer Ben Yehuda Schlomo Dubyansky/Dovianske
together with his wife: Lerna Devorah bat Yitzak Halavi donated a set of the six volumes of the Mishnoyot for the Cherva [study group].

32. Asher Dov ben Chaim Libi Zolkowitz (Sulkowitz) [ probably Asher Sulkowitch ]

33. Moshe Crasnick

34. Minachim Mendel Levi

35. Batya Itelson

Rabbi Yitzak David ben Rabbi Nachum Essrog [Citron]

Hazzan Eliyahu Chaim Ben Shmuel Dalgav/Dolgov

Ephraim Nissan Ben David Sapal/Sapol [might be Nathan Sapoll ]

Tuvyah Fakson/Pokson

Yaacov Yosef Rodman [Jacob J Rodman]

Yaacov Kovitnya [probably Jacob Kovensky ]

Shmuel Kook Meissenford

Yom Tov Lipman Ben Shmuel Mordechai Levenson

Aaron Shimon Matluck

Avraham Goldman

Avraham Morgofsky

David Finkleman

Dov Ber Fierman/Fireman

Hillel Berya/Perry/Berry

Naftali Hertz Levi

Chana Leder

Yisrael Romanov [Israel B Romanov]

Jonah Ben Moshe Shefer/Schaeffer
Yaakov Yudelson (Judelshon, Judelson)

Yosef Yudelson (Judelshon, Judelson)

Yosef Hillel Modes [Joseph Modes ]

Menanchem Mendel Levi [could be Manuel Levi ]

Tzvi Hirsch Katz

Yaakov David ben Itzchak ha-Cohen Aronsky [ Jacob Aronsky ]

Yaakov ben Akiva Citron [Jacob Citrin ]

Itzchak ben Moshe Mack [Isaac Mack ]

Avraham Gershon ben Eliezer Ackerman[Abraham Gershon Ackerman ]

Moshe Itzchak ben Shalom Govitzky

Zissel ben Asher Eiger

Shmuel Tzvi ben Shlomo Seibol

Itzchak ben Moshe Goodman

Chaim ben Zissel Boxstein [Zissel Bockstein ]

the groom Yehuda (the Hatan) ben Naftali Wilensky

Elchanan ben Natan Eliyahu Wilensky

Eliezer Moloch ben Yecheil Michel Wolman [Louis Wolman ]

Avraham ben Yosef Wolman

Golda Bat Schumuel Isaac Ginsburg [Goldie Ginsburg ]

Shayna Rachel Bat Moshe Levinson

Chava Bat David Davidson

Fayge Esther Bat Moshe Aharon Levin

Bayle Rivka Bat Paltiel Santatsky [Belle R Santosky ]

Bayle Bat David Metsan/Mattson [Bella Matson ]

Shayne Chaya Bat Yitzak Taylor [Shaney / Shanie Taylor ]

Peise bas David Silverman died Shevat 2 5675 [1915]

Machla bas Chaim Sapoll, died Nissan 9 5676 [1916] [Machila Sapoll ]

Rabbi Chaim Natan Shochet
Yeshiel Michel ben Meir Sakanoff [probably Max/Michael Sacknoff]
Israel Michel ben Ze'ev Rubinsky
Avraham Eisenman
Avraham Ginsberg
Itzchak Isaac Bernstein [ Isaac Bernstein]
Yehuda Leib Schneider [probably Jacob Schiebe]
Yehuda ben Tzvi Dov Berliner [ Louis Berliner]
[Baruch Silverman
Yehuda Rosen
David Ze'ev Davidson [ David Davidson]
Hillel Perry
Elyo Greenstein
Dov Gorfin/Goffin [might be David Baron]
Moshe Aaron Baron
Yehuda Leib Kaplan [ Louis Kaplan]
Yehoshua Mordechai Zelikovsky [might be a member of the Zelofsky family]
Israel Shulman
Yaakov Chaim Brillant [ Jacob Brilliant]
Shlomo Zelikowitz [ Simon Zelofsky]
Feivel Levinsky [ Philip Samuel Levinsky]
Dov Mozavetzsky [might be a member of Moynlefky family ]
David Alpert
Rachel bas Yitzak Shefer/Schaeffer

Basya bas Zvi Modish/Modes [ Bessoe Modes]

Leah bas Shimon ha-Levi Crasnick [ Lena Crasnick], daughter of [ Simon Crasnick]

Basya bas Yitzak Zelkavich/Zelikowitz

Leah Oransky

Yenta Cook

Sprinsa/Shprentza bas Yitzak Isaac Berenstein

Chaya Sara Weinstein

Genessa Rivka Goldman

Sara Rivka bas Asher Berenstein (might be Sarah Bernstein)

Chana Bracha Goffin/Gerfen/Gorpin/Garpin

Leah bas Issa/Iser Kaplan

Chaya Feiga Rika bas Rueven Levi ha-Levi

Chaya Feygel Rodman [probably Fannie Rodman ]

Chana Pesce/Peishe bas Dov Zelikovsky/Zelichovski

Tzippe Greenstein
Esther Gittel bas Isser Schilling [ Esther Shilling]

Chaya Rachel Silverman

Esther Gittel bas Moshe Sapoll

Hannah Miriam Rosen

Miriam Rodman

Gutte bas Pinchas Kvetni/Kvitni

Hashe Leah Kaminsky

Minne Starr [probably widow of Solomon Stahl]

Konia Weinstein

Chaya Perry

Reshe bas Yaakov Schilling

Etta Robinson

Chaya Sarah Mack [probably Sarah Mack]

Rachel bas Tzvi Hirsh Levin

Frieda Brayna Rothstein

Etel bas Aaron Erlich [ Etta Erlick]

Faige bas Avraham Romanov [Raigel/Fayge Romanow]

Razel bas Aren/Erin Davis [ Rose/Rachel Davis]

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