Jewish Community Center Team circa 1960
thanks to Jocelyn Polland and Jessica Lantos for providing the image; orginally photographed by Dr Henry Pollard

first row : David Ross (first from left); Jimmy Bress (second from left); Harvey Silverman (third from left) ; Steven Glovsky (fourth from left) ; Alan Zimmerman (fifth from left) ; Mark Finkelstein (sixth from left) ;

second row : Johnny Gerber (first from left) ; Dick Baker (second from left ) ; Gary Taylor (third from left) ; Jim Connolly, coach , (in back row) ; Bruce Fenton (fifth from left); Myles Goodman (sixth from left); Stanley Sax (sixth from left); Stanley Turetsky (sixth from left);

contributors of names : Jocelyn Polland and Jessica Lantos

Last Updated : April 20, 2009