Jewish Community Center Baseball Team circa 1963
thanks to Jocelyn Polland and Jessica Lantos for providing the image; orginally photographed by Dr Henry Pollard

first row : Steve Goodman (first from left); Elliot Sprince (second from left); Len Berman (third from left) ; Jim Baker (fourth from left) ; Enoch Zuckerman (fifth from left) ; Steven Glovsky (sixth from left) ; Phil Kaufman (seventh from left) ;

second row : Dean Silverman, coach (first from left) ; Ronnie Blumenthal (second from left ) ; unidentified (third from left) ; Larry Plavnick , (fourth from left) ; Chickie Levine (fifth from left); Mel Zimelmann (sixth from left);

contributors of names : Jocelyn Polland and Jessica Lantos

Last Updated : April 20, 2009