Tellan Family Party for Portland Jewish Youth - circa 1955- 1956
thanks to Elaine Crasnick Kahaner for locating the image

first row : Miriam Reef (first from left); Carol Weisberg (second from left); Elaine Crasnick Kahaner (third from left) ; Anne Passman (third from right) ; Judy Berlowitz (second from right) ; Stuart Potter (far right) ;

second row : Julie Krems (first from left) ; Joan Taylor (set back - second from left ) ; Lois Finberg (third from left) ; Norma Gottschalk , (fourth from left) ; Marsh Tellan (fifth from left); Harriet Lerman (sixth from left); Joyce Finkelstein (set back - fourth from right); Marlene Baker (third from right); Rebecca Brooks (second from right); Barbara Mersky (far right);

third row : Marlene ? from Bath (first from left); Bonnie Godfrey (second from left); Bruce Schatz (third from left) ; Donnie Hoffman (fourth from left) ; Norman Bress (fifth from left) ; Alan Lamport (sixth from left) ; Steve Joachim (sixth from right) ; Abe Stern (fifth from right) ; Teddy Cutler (fourth from right). Alan Merdek (third from right); Barry Slosberg (second from right); Kenny Davidson (far right);

contributors of names : Annette Elowitch, Bob Elowitch, Harvey Elowitch,Lois Finberg Silver, Leonard Slosberg,

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