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Jews have lived in rural Maine, in the cities of Maine, along the coast and on the border with Quebec and Nova Scotia. They have lived in communities supporting three synagogues and 'communities of one' . The DMJ project has grouped its information on Maine Jewry around both central Jewish areas and each of the separate Maine counties.
The map listing is based on the information currently in the DMJ database. Clicking on a marker provides the name of the area and the number of records the DMJ database currently has for that area. A second click inside the comment in the marker brings to the actual records for that Maine city, town, or county. Please note that only 80% or so of the entries in the database have specific enough local information to be included in this map index.
DMJ is slowly building separate homepages for each Maine Jewish area. If you are interested in helping to create a special homepage for your area, please let us know at
Some Jews have in-migrated to Maine directly from The Old Country ; others have migrated to Maine via stays for a year or a generation from other parts of States and Canada. At the same time, various economic and social reaons, some Maine Jews have out-migrated to various places in North America or to other continents. The Old Country map provides some indication where Maine Jews originated from in Europe. Please note that locations are given by current political boundaries, not necessarily by the boundaries when the immigrants left Europe. The 'From-Away' map provides some indication of the in-migration and out-migration patterns for Maine Jews

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