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State Zionist Convention

June 3-4, 1944 - Bangor Public Library - Jewish Community Center Collection

Thank you to Elizabeth Stevens Special Collections Assistant, Bangor Public Library and BPL - Jewish Community Center Collection for the photo
Note: Box 6 Folder 22
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    Seated at table:  to be identified far left; to be identified   second from left; to be identified   third from left; to be identified   center; to be identified   third from right; to be identified   second from right; to be identified   far right;

    far left :   Meyer Minsky ;     to be identified   ;   to be identified   ;   Abe Levy   back row ;   Abe Levy   4th from left ;     Harold Nelson ;   back row     Harold Nelson ;   4th from right   to be identified   ;     Arthur Waterman ;   back row     Arthur Waterman ;   2nd from right     Harold Potter ;   back row     Harold Potter ;   right   to be identified   ;   to be identified   ;   to be identified   ;   to be identified   ;

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