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Cohen-Emple Seder in Bangor

1947 or 1948 - private collection

Thank you to Priscilla Grossman Williams and Cindy Potter Taylor for the photo
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    seated left side of table left to right:  Peg Emple  #1 Priscilla (Grossman) Williams  #2Phil Grossman  #3Barbara (Viner) Viner Levine  #4Janette (Cohen) Grossman  #5;

    standing left to right :   Bill Viner ;   #1     Mollie Cohen Emple ;   #2     Joe Emple ;   #3

    seated at the head of the table :     Bernard Cohen   ;

    seated right side left to right :   Paul Emple   #1 ;   Pat (Esther Cohen) Viner   #2 ;   Tom Viner   #3 ;   Helen Emple   #4 ;   Cathy Viner   #5 ;
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Susan Brilliant Sugarman on :
It\'s Priscilla (Grossman) Williams, not Patricia; Barbara (Viner) Levine;the \'to be identified\' is Paul Emple