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Sacknoff Bar Mitzvah : Group photo

date not known - private collection

Thank you to Priscilla Grossman Williams and Cindy Potter Taylor for the photo
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    front row left to right  Bruce   Shatz   Eric   Sacknoff  Norman   Bress  Steve   Joachim  ;

    behind front row left to right :   Larry   Aronson ;       Ronnie   Mack ;  

    second full row left to right :     Cynthia   Sacknoff   ;     Minna   Davidson   ;     Charyn   Cohen   ;     Joan   Krantman   ;     Cathy   Viner   ;     Paula   Rosengard   ;     Mike   Solomon   ;

    third full row left to right :   Carol   Feldman   ;   Roberta   Citron   ;   Barbara   Mersky   ;   Elaine   Appel   ;   Mike   Rubinoff   ;

    fourth full row left to right :   Teddy   Cutler   ;   Steve   Levine   ;   Barbara   Cope   ;   Bobbie Yorra   Simonds   ;   Barbara   Youra   ;   Gail   Burns   ;   Gail   Burns   ;   Priscilla (Grossman)   Williams   ;   Barabara (Blumenthal)   Stern   ;   Larry   Lewis   ;   Allan   Hirsch   ;   William   Webber   ;   David   Finkelstein   ;   Richard   Slosberg   ;
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Next to top row, 5th from the right:
Bobbie (Yorra) Simonds
What fun to see all those familiar faces from my childhood!
Thanks for the memories.
Bobbie Simonds