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Center Day Camp- Group Photo b

1960 - private collection

Thank you to Elaine Millman Alexander and Babbidge and Ani Helmick for the photo
Links to People:
    Front Row:  to be identified far left;
Links to People:
    back:  Bonnie Godfrey left; to be identified   second from left; Margaret Gilman  2nd from right; Regina Furer  right; to be identified   second from right; to be identified   far right;

    Back Row :   to be identified   far left (counselor) ;

    front :   Elaine Millman   left ;   Ruth Hugo   2nd from left ;   to be identified   second from left ;     Elaine Hirshon Rudnick ;   2nd from right   Judy Greenberg   right ;   to be identified   second from right ;   to be identified   right ;

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