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Brownie Group photograph - Gilda Trober party

1945 - private collection

Thank you to Faith Bornstein Canner for the photo
People: Sandra Levine, far left; Faith Bornstein, second from left; Helene Schwartz, third from left; Gilda Trober, center; Bernice Miller, third from right; Renee Shapiro, second from right; Ruth Flock, far right;

Seated: Judy Halperin, far left; to be identified ; to be identified ; to be identified ; to be identified ; Ruth Wilner, far left;

Standing: Sandra Baker, far left; Mrs Miller, second from left; Mrs Schwartz, second from right; Babs Goodman, far right

If you recognize any of the unidentified people, please send in their names and biographic information to dmj at

Organizations: JCC Brownie Group
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Bayla Miller Myer on :
Should be Gilda Trober not Truber. Also, should be Ruth not Harriet Flock (my mistake) and pix does not come up.

Faith Canner
janet mcgourty on :
wharf path Marblehead
janet mcgourty on :
Sandra bakers address was wharf path Marblehead ma. august 1974. Bernice visited
janet mcgourty on :
ruth miller spoke Yiddish and polish. her father harry and her mother Bessie lived at 603 crane st. new York. the first floor of the home was a gas station harry leased to an operator.
janet mcgourty on :
Sandra bakers father was allen baker. 1944 allen baker refridgeration service 39 howard st Lewiston. 1949 refridgeration service, new and used soda fountain equipment 22 Lincoln st Lewiston.
janet mcgourty on :
the bakers and millers were related, mollie miller married Sandra bakers uncle joseph. Sandra bakers father allen has 4 brothers, henry, Abraham, joseph, George, and 4 sisters. lena, ida,molly, rececca.
janet mcgourty on :
the baker brothers had a tobacco and confectionary business.