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Group Photograph - Camp Lown

1950 circa - private collection

Thank you to Norman Jim Gould for the photo
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    front row - left to right  to be identified   #1; to be identified     #2; Daryl   Cooper  Camp Lown; to be identified     #3;

    back row - left to right :   to be identified   #1 ;   to be identified   #2 ;   Marvin Alpert   Camp Lown ;   to be identifed   #3 ;

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 Camp Lown;
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on :
Pretty sure that the young man in the hat, middle of the back row, is Gordon Simonds, age 11.
on :
First row left to right: Jim Gould, Dave Adelman, Bernie Alpert
Second row, Left to right: Unknown, Harold Baker (?), Daryl Cooper
on :
You are correct. Jim
on :
Correction: top row middle is Gordon Simonds
Michael P Striar on November 11, 2019:
Standing on right is Darryl Cooper

Kneeling on the right is Marvin Alpert