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Portland Hebrew Day School

1955 - private collection

Thank you to Bob Levine for the photo

"entire student body and faculty of the old Hebrew School at 116 Pearl St "
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    first row, left to right  Duane   Polisner  #1 to be indentifed     #2; to be indentifed     #3; to be indentifed     #4; Johnny   Packet  4th from left ; to be indentifed     #5Joseph   Mack  #6Leslie   Kallus  #7Robert   Finn  #8;

    second row, left to right :   Andrea   Freeman ;   #1     Ruthann   Packet ;   #2     Pearl   Figa ;   #3     Gail   Markuse ;   #4     Ann   Wolfowitz ;   #5     Adele   Schwartz ;   #6     Ellen   Brem ;   #7     Maxine   Kesseler ;   #8     Sima   Lerman ;   #9

    third row, left to right :     Kenny   Goodman   #1 ;     Bruce   Bekritsky   #2 ;     Paul   Abrahamson   #3 ;     Baile   Bornstein   #4 ;     Gloria   Gerber   #5 ;     Richard   Minkin   #6 ;     Morris   Forsco   #7 ;     Robert   Levine   #8 ;

    back row, left to right :   Baruch   Greisman   #1 ;   Rabbi Uri   Auerbach   #2 ;   Rabbi Morris   Bekritsky   #3 ;   Betty   Pike   #4 ;   Ruth   Dresser   #5 ;   Mrs   Duffy   #6 ;

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Allison Pluznick on :
Forgive me if you get this twice, but I'm not sure if my first attempt went through.
The boy in the front row identified as "Box or Owen Mack" is neither. He is Jospeph Mack. Owne was his father. I don't know of a Bob Mack. Joseph died in 1964 at at 15.
Allison Pluznick on :
The people in the back are, form left to right, Baruch Greisman, who I don't think was in Portland for more than a year, Uri Auerbach, Rabbi Morris Bekritsky, Mrs. Betty Pike, Mrs. Ruth Dresser, and Mrs. Duffy, whose name I don't remember or never knew. T
Allison Pluznick on :
This picture was taken in the old Hebrew School building at 116 Peark Street.
Emily Isaacs on :
Front Row No 3 might be Peter Milstein;
Robert Levine on September 17, 2021:
Front row, "#4; to be identified" is Johnny Packet