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Center Day Camp (CDC) Games

May, 1951 - Pollard (private collection)

Thank you to Jessica Lantos daughter of photographer and Dr. Henry Pollard for the photo

"I remember this event clearly because I won the bag race that day. First prize was a sterling silver serving spoon which I immediately gave to my mother and which she used for many years to set our dining room table. She always reminded her guests that I had won the spoon in the CDC bag race so many years ago. (And I still have it !)." - David Blumenthal (April 2019)
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    left to right  Steve   Webber  orange sweatshirt Debbie   Zolov  blue shorts; Randy   Modes  blue capMarlene   Baker  light blue sweaterDavid   Blumenthal  red sweat shirt; Richard   Saxe  blue baseball jacketDonny   Hoffman  far end;

    :   Vic   Taylor ;   adult giving instructions

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