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Camp Counselors at Center Day Camp (CDC)

1950s - private collection

 Myron Barnstone  far leftBert Boucher  3rd from leftJerry Fineberg  2nd from left; to be determined   3rd from leftHy Wolotsky  3rd from right ; to be determined   3rd from rightEddie Webber  2nd from right; to be determined   2nd from rightVic Taylor  far right;     Sissy Fink ;   far left     Saralee Levinsky ;   2nd from left     Marcia Finberg ;   3rd from left   Elizabeth Zaitlin Levinsky   3rd from right ;     Liza Zaitlin Levinsky ;   3rd from right     Hilda Livingston Miller ;   right     Fran Weisberg ;   2nd from right   to be determined   far right ;

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