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Jewish Community Center Youth Take Over the Center , Jewish Community Center Bulletin

April 29, 1949 - private collection

Thank you to Rita Schwey Weisberg for the photo

This past week will long be remembered by every Center member, for Center Youth assumed full responsibility for the operation of the Center. The story is told in the above pictures.

1. Victor Taylor surrenders his duties to and shakes the hands of Dick Cutler, Youth Executive Director.

2. Center Youth Girls demonstrate how to run a Center Women's Club meeting. (front row left to right - Joan Shible, Ina Golodetz,Judy Venner, Bernice Boxstein, Julie Lyons, Rita Schwey.) Back row unidentified, Jean Mersky,unidentified, unidentified, unidentified)

3. Ralph Levi in conference with Dick Cutler and Youth Director of activities Phil Nectow .

4. Ralph Levi, Youth President of the Center.

5. Julie Lyons poses with Col. Julius Schreiber after the Colonel's address to Center members.

6. Bulletin Staff in its one free moment.. Sitting is Normal Reef, 2nd row from left Rita Schwey, Phil Nectow, Bernice Boxstein, Richard Cutler, Martin Burke. Back row Mike Posner.

7. Joan Silverman and Ina Golodetz instruct the Sunday School classes.

last updated : May 31, 2011

Thank you to Rita Schwey Weisberg for the information
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