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Omicron Phi Sorority (later the Centeen Club)

Oct 1958 - private collection

Thank you to Marcia Berson Lieberman for the photo
Note: Absent: Gail Kaprow
Links to People: Front row, left to right:  Jane Silver   Eileen Grossman Sandra Shiro Barbara Mandelbaum ;

Second row, left to right :   Marilyn Stern ;     Francine Alpert ;     Jane Solomon ;     Charlotte Gopan ;     Karen Levine ;  

Third row, left to right :   Sheila Striar   ;   Debbie Cutler   ;   Phyllis Berger   ;   Dawna Atkin   ;   Toby Slep   ;   Susan Braveman   ;

Fourth row, left to right :   Barbara Rolnick   ;   Linda Mandelbaum   ;   Paula Rolsky   ;   Sandra Gass   ;   Mary Cohen   ;   Mindy Michelson   ;   [First Name Not Known] Mrs Levine   ;

Absent from photo :   Bonnie Silver   ;'   Mameve Stern   ;   Nancy Todtman   ;   Lois Ingegneri   ;   Cathy Viner   ;
Related organizations: Centeen Club;   Omicron Phi Sorority;
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